There’s No Crying In Football…Besides Today

Today was national letter of intent day for college football. In layman’s terms it’s basically the day where that big popular jock gets the town together and has a pep rally for himself when he announces what school he’s going to play football at.

It’s basically the apex of his macho career because from here on out he will most likely not be the best player on his team.

This is a time for fluff pieces by journalist, well wishes from a town and for one day, that athlete owns the spotlight and has the floor to do or say whatever they’d like.

Today, Cooper Dawson made me tear up, but I swear I did not cry*. Today was his day to toot his own horn and get paraded around town, but he chose to use that spotlight to give someone else an opportunity they would not have otherwise. He chose to let his friend, Kingsley Feinman announce his decision.  Just take a look at the clip.

I’m not crying you’re crying. This is the reason why sports are my favorite thing in this world. It’s not the X’s or O’s that moves the meter. It’s the movie-like stories that offer all of us an escape from reality.

What Cooper Dawson did was take his day and made it about someone else and in today’s social climate, stories like this a few and far between. From here on out you can probably bet that Dawson’s coverage in the media are going to get less and less, but he did not care and wanted to share his day with someone that was never given that opportunity.

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This just reminds us all that sports aren’t always about the games themselves, but it’s the stories that surround them encapsulate us all. You can spend your nights watching written dramas on Netflix, but I’m going to keep watching sports because at the end of the day unwritten dramas are more compelling than anything that comes out of Hollywood.

*I definitely cried a little. 




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