You Can Watch My 4’11” Modeling Career Take Off On National TV This Saturday

Just about a year ago, I was preparing for an early morning wake-up call (like, 4:30AM) to go on air with Jake Allen of Fly 92.3 to talk about the post-holiday season and of course, to also go a few buttons deep. I remember being super excited for the opportunity to hang out with a professional in the local media biz and get a sense of what the serious stuff is all about.

And of course I had no idea at that moment where the upcoming year would take me, but now a year from this Saturday, I can say the past 365 days somehow got me on national television modeling looks for less on Fox & Friends.

How did this happen? Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret: the world is in DESPERATE need of under 5-foot models that have the height and weight of a child, but somehow still resemble a grown adult.

But really, thanks to Capital Region style guru, author and national TV regular Jene Luciani (you can learn more about her in her 20 things you didn’t know about me article), I will be heading down to NYC this Saturday at 3AM to appear in a short style segment that will air live at 7:50AM on Fox & Friends.


There’s really not much else to say about it right now besides that I am hyped for a new, fun opportunity where I can learn from an industry professional, and oh yeah…also live out my life dream of appearing on some sort of national morning show program.

Now, I know you all must be thinking how devastated I am that my debut as a 4’11” model is not happening on my favorite show of all time, the Today Show –but listen. We all have to start somewhere, and who knows what could happen once this door is opened and the people of America can watch me strut my stuff while they’re at home lounging in their Christmas pajamas and yelling at their spouse to let the dog out while sipping a fresh cup of coffee. I’m like 99 percent sure they still haven’t found a replacement for Megyn Kelly yet. Just saying.




How do you feel?

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