Our Top 10 Videos From 2018

Along with our top 10 best of the blog and our 2018 recap video, it’s time for our top 10 videos from 2018.

Videos are our bread and butter here at 2BD. This year we generated over 100 videos, and a staggering 10 million views. We peaked at just 1 million last year so it was a promising peak into what’s to come for the squad. We got together as a group this week and went through all of our videos from the last year and gave our respective top 10 lists. There wasn’t as much variance as I anticipated, it’s pretty obvious which videos hit, and here they are for your viewing pleasure.

10. The 2BD Squadcast (series)

The 2BD squadcast is our weekly series and the only segment we regularly get together for. We shoot the shit and go through a variety of topics based on what’s been happening that week. It’s always our most unfiltered segment and it will probably get us in trouble one day. Tune in every Thursday for a new episode.

9. 2BD Squad Goes Curling

This video made the list as it was just genuine fun and I think it comes across in the video. We did this at the tail end of the Olympics when for some reason curling got a lot of hype. We went over to the Schenectady Curling Club where they graciously hosted us to fool around on the rink and drink their $3 Guinness. We all had a good time and I recommend anyone going with their own squad to give it a whirl.

8. Taylor Does Schenectady SummerNight

Taylor went and broke our seal in Schenectady to investigate whether or not the lock city is making a comeback. That question was met with mixed reviews, a few memorable characters, but overall a promising look for Schenectady, we’ll be back.

7. Soft Serve Reviews (Series)

I went on a personal mission this summer to find the best soft serve in Upstate NY. It was a bigger undertaking than I anticipated, so it will continue next summer. People have some serious loyalty for the local joint they grew up with and swear it’s the best, and let me tell you, a lot of them are wrong. Currently Guptills is in the lead with a 9.4

6. The Squad Does Metabolic Meltdown

The squad took on Metabolic Meltdown, a boutique gym that has captivated the Capital Region with their intense quickform workouts. Enough to make people on my timeline regularly romanticize getting their ass kicked on a daily basis by their workouts. So we checked it out, got our asses kicked, and that was a great workout for 2018!

5. Jack Buys One Last Toy From Toys R Us

This video hit as close to home as anything could for me. Toys R Us went bankrupt this year. Originally I wanted to do a video with Marko exploring the local store before it closed, but he made a few excuses and that time passed. Clifton Park closed their doors and I thought the opportunity was behind us. Then I was in Poughkeepsie picking up my cousin from Marist when I noticed their store had one day left, so I jumped on the opportunity to make one last purchase. It almost went well.

4. The Bachelor’s Chop

Marko finally found his groove at the end of the year with his new cooking show, The Bachelor’s Chop. Living his newfound bachelor life in downtown Troy, Marko tries to recreate his family’s legendary italian meals and other meat-heavy dishes. Little to no editing needed on this one.

3. John Does Bigfoot

This video was the closest we got to being real journalists. A man was all over the local news for backing up a Bigfoot sighting in Whitehall, NY. We had nothing but his home address, a few beers, and time on our hands so we got directly to the bottom of the footprint.

2. John Circle Jerks David Ortiz

For those wondering what all this circle jerk talk is about on our blog, don’t google it. John Longton has many jobs, he works here at 2BD, at WGNA, he’s a waiter, and above all, makes the area’s (or the world’s) best beef jerky, fondly called circle jerk. He has made many videos slinging the jerk, but the best hand he’s ever put his meat into is hall of famer David Ortiz.

1. Press Conferences

We have an original series here at 2BD which really elevated our game this year and is pretty much the reason we can claim that 10 million view mark. Press conferences for ordinary people. Waiters, teachers, cashiers, managers, etc…We all deserve a chance to explain our performance at the end of the shift, and we’re courteous enough to give them a platform. We have a few of these in the bank to get ready for more of the (extra)ordinary in 2019.

Honorable mentions:

Ked Does Saratoga Pond Hockey

If you don’t know Ked it’s because he’s a half assed member of the squad. He pops up here and there and although I don’t take that inconsistency from anyone, Ked aka Jimmy aka James Claus¬† always puts on a good show when he actually shows up. Maybe he’ll step it up for us in 2019, or maybe he’ll be too busy focusing on his hockey blog, or keeping the flame of his own hockey career alive. For example:

John Does Oktoberfest in America

John went to the Wolff’s Biergarten Oktoberfest which was one of the wilder events we attended this year. Hundreds and thousands of people chugging beer, sometimes competitively for the sheer entertainment of others. It was a great mimic of the real deal in Germany, especially with John’s killer lederhosen.

Upstate Old School

Upstate Old School is our original series where Vic Christopher explores Upstate NY businesses which have been open for over 25 years.

5Keg 5K

Two Buttons Deep took on the famous Troy Turkey Troy, the 12th oldest race in America, in our own fashion. By stopping at 5 bars along the route of the race and having a drink at every one. This is a new tradition that we hope you tag along for next year!




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