I’m So Desperate For Cozy Sweaters I’m About to Fall For the Biggest Internet Fashion Hoax

Before you read any further and start to judge, I am very aware of how my fellow 2BD personality Marko would describe this post. “Ah, yeah, that’s a you problem,” he’d say.

But hey, we write about things because sometimes our problems are actually the problems of others…and since a lot of my spare time is spent planning outfits and organizing my closet (not sorry about it), I always like to share any advice or predicaments I have because we all have to put clothes on our body every day. Truth.

And a lot of you have probably spent more time at the mall or online shopping within the past few months during the holiday season, and I bet you’d agree there is one particular thing we did NOT see a lot of at the stores this season –and that is a good ol’ cozy sweater. How is this possible? I literally have no idea.

Either A) the good cozy sweaters hit the shelves in like August before anyone needs them or B) people really went in on their holiday shopping and took all the trendy things before I could find them.

Either way, the inability for me to find a single sweater in the stores that fits my needs has me SO CLOSE to succumbing to the clickbait ads of Made in China clothing companies that offer a line of clothing that is too good to be true in every sense of the cliché.

You might’ve heard of companies like SHEIN before; they’re advertised all over your Facebook feed featuring some super trendy items for unbelievable prices. It just doesn’t seem fair.

Now, I’ve done my research and read plenty of fashionistas takes on this, and the simple breakdown is that yes, the company manufactures fast fashion in China and therefore is able to offer cheap prices on trendy, low quality items.

Topjara is mentally messing with me. These are the cutest sweaters I’ve seen all season but I do not want to fall for it…

This model works very well for girls who are constantly out at the bars until 3AM looking for cute, fashion-forward items that they know they’re only going to wear a handful of times and don’t need it to last more than a couple cycles in the washing machine. I totally stand by that mindset, I do.

But –I am not that type of person, and ever since I became a young professional I have abided by the quality over quantity rule. AKA, I’d rather save up and purchase a high-end item that I know will last me forever (I’m not growing, let’s face it), than buy a bunch of super cheap items that I can only wear once. Until now.

Since SHEIN first came into the fashion scene a few years ago, I’ve read that they have improved a lot. In the beginning, items took anywhere from one to three months to ship, where now it only takes a week or two.

And of course with the power of online reviews, you can read how the sizing and quality really is based on people who have bought the products.

And while I’d love my winter sweaters to last me through the years, I cannot seem to find what I’m looking for online or in stores. So, do I fall for it? Some people say SHEIN is overall, pretty good now, while some items can be a total hit or miss. Is a $100-ish investment for a handful of winter sweaters going to be worth it? I have no idea….I am SCARED YOU GUYS.

90 PERCENT OFF?!?!!?!?!?

Am I being dramatic? Yes of course. But, this would be a big risk, not so much financially, but kind of because even though it’s cheap, I don’t want to waste my money and come out of this looking stupid with low quality threads that look as cheap as they cost. But hey, I can blog about it so maybe it’s worth a try (if I charge my purchase to the 2BD business account).

Feel free to send me a DM or reach out in the comments if you’ve used one of these sites before and let me know about your experience before I fall for it. Who knows? I could be totally off base and this stuff is worth the buy.




How do you feel?

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