Keene, N.H. Business “Pho Keene Great” Forced To Remove Sign Because The World Is Pho Keene Dumb

(WNYT) The name of the Vietnamese restaurant in a public building next to City Hall in Keene is a play on a type of soup, which is spelled P-H-O, but is pronounced “fuh.” The restaurant calls itself by the name of the soup, followed by the words “Keene Great.”

City Manager Elizabeth Dragon said it’s intended to sound like profanity and that owner Isabelle Jolie didn’t get permission to hang any sign.

Jolie said she doesn’t think the name is offensive.

First of all, I was today years old when I found out pho is pronounced “fuh.” I was also today years old when I found out New Hampshire’s state motto “Live Free Or Die” is just some letters of their license plate. We were just discussing at our latest 2BD meeting about how ridiculously PC this world is. How do we have Trump as our leader but Pho Keene is what gets shut down? Blows my mind. This play on words is not only great for business, but a running joke that has been around since my elementary school bus. Remember the Sofa King?

Unlike Live Free or Die, Pho Keene Great isn’t just a fake motto, (a fotto?) they fought back in the most democratic way possible: a Facebook poll.

There we go, the people have spoken. Let the restaurant stay and add some culture in the New Hampshire, aka Alabama of the north.



How do you feel?

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