Is 2019 the Year They Start Naming Cocktails After Me Instead of Taylor Swift?

Ever since I interviewed my friend Dominick on #TenQuestionsDeep, I have been on a HUGE Taylor Swift kick. Maybe it’s in my subconscious after all the hype from when Swift’s new Netflix special came out, or maybe it’s because Taylor Swift is always in my subconscious because we share the same name, and deep down I know I need to find a way to achieve even a fraction of her fame.

Anyway, she’s been on my heavy Spotify rotation as I jam along in the car to my favorites from the Red album all the way through to her most recent, Reputation. I try to think about which lyrics and titles spark Dominick’s imagination to create a cocktail name on his menu at dp’s brasserie (if you watch the full 10QD he reveals T. Swift serves as common inspiration when he’s having writer’s block for crafty cocktail names).

But listen, Taylor Swift is great and all, truly. But did you guys know Taylor Rao will also be having a big year in 2019? Wrapping up 2018 with my appearance on Fox & Friends might’ve just given me that extra boost of confidence to believe I will be now getting cocktails named after ME in the year ahead.

Check out an extended clip from 10QD as Dominick and I dive a little bit further into our mutual love and respect for T. Swift…oh and the part where I tell him straight up he needs to start naming cocktails after me instead. Or, like a collab-cocktail name at first…I can start small.



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