3 Things I Look Forward To During A Snow Day

Itís that time of year where snow will be affecting our daily lives. While some people cry about hating the cold (no one is keeping you here) I am torqued on the idea of a snow day.

What the adults donít tell you as a kid is that snow days arenít going to be around forever. While being a doctor, nurse or cop have their benefits, tough luck trying to get a snow day. Thats why years ago I decided I would be entering the marketing field.

Thatís a lie, but looking at it now, it is nice to be able to take the Mac with me and work from home. You will still have to do a little bit of work, but it’s all in pajamas so it doesnít really count if were being honest here.

Lets paint a picture. You wake up, walk downstairs and look out on your front porch and it is COVERED in snow. You immediately turn on the news to see how serious this can be and bypass the 10/10 Ichabod Crane school closing which is as guaranteed as my love affair for fake blondes. The scroll bar is now picking up some steam as you see normal public schools closing and this is when you start to think theres a chance. You then text your boss a ďhey, how are you?!Ē Thinking youíre being coy but they know the drill, they know what youíre really asking. You see the dots pop up as they writing a reply and you fill with glee. This could be it! This could be a free day off! And then you get the ďHey, I’m not going in today, roads arenít that great. Iíll see you online.Ē


LETS GO. Itís time to get it cookiní with the top 3 things I look forward to on a snow day.

1. Candles / Ambiance

This is probably the first thing I do. Itís time to light a Home for the Holidays Yankee candle, turn out the lights, crank up the electric blanket and create a soft but warming presence in your household. You will be spending the majority of your day inside so you have to make it as comfy cozy as you possibly can. Itís not everyday you get to work from home so you need, and I canít stress this enough, NEED to create the best environment for you. Turn on the TV put on Harry Potter (shoutout Taylor Rao, itís her favorite movie) and open your laptop so people know youíre there if you need to answer any questions.

2. Shoveling while listening to Podcasts

Okay, so this one might not be for you because I maybe sick in the head. I love shoveling. I donít know why but I do. Theres something about being outside and working that makes me feel like a super alpha. I bring out the phone, plug in the headphones and listen to my favorite podcasts like The Morning Skate (shameful plug) and Oysters, Clams and Cuckles (for all of you GoT nerds).

Let me make one thing clear though- I live for evening shovels, not morning shovels. Morning shovels are the worst thing on Earth. No one wants to go outside and freeze their ass off for a 12+ hour chance it snows again. Evening snows are cinematic. Snowflakes fall through the sky, displayed by the light on your porch. Ugh, the best. Make sure you have a good shovel too, one of the things in life you canít cheap out on. Also- vet move to get the cocoa prepared for when youíre all done. Nothing like a hot cocoa after a hard days work.

3. Breakfast for Dinner

Iím not normally a breakfast for dinner kind of guy…unless its a snow day. Got to keep the house smelling good so its time to get some Belgian Waffles cooking and tons of tons of Syrup and Whipped cream. Any breakfast can do in this scenario, because like I said earlier, you will be in your pajamas. Iím also a big Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage guy. I think when I was growing up I related to Jimbo because we share the same name. Waffles, pancakes, sausage and bacon.. excuse me while I go stuff my face.

What do you look forward to during snow days?



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  1. Dave

    Most of us adults with full time jobs don’t get snow days


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