Some Scumbag Stole My Brother’s Snowboard at Jiminy Peak Last Night

Last night my brother, Dylan, took the ride to Jiminy Peak to shred some gnar (I’m not sure if I’m using that correctly, I don’t ski) and he got his snowboard jacked while he was in the lodge.

It’s a nice little rig (fuck man I’m not sure if I’ve got the snowboarder lingo down) that he paid over $500 for and it was perfect for those sick ass pow pow days. After three runs, my bro and his buddy decided to do what anyone else would do: go in the lodge and pay for an expensive beer.

Upon exiting the overpriced establishment, Dyl could not find his prized snowboard. His Capita board must have caught the eye of some scumbag who stole it while my bro was preoccupied. What. A. Bummer.

Here’s a pic of the board:

148 Capita Ultrafear

Union Strata Bindings.

And the worst part? Jiminy Peak doesn’t have security cameras because their management must live in the fucking 1950’s. Literally every person reading this blog has two cameras inside their pocket, JP can’t get one camera where their paying customers store thousands of dollars of belongings? Jiminy Peak must be a gold mine for scumbags like this who just pick off expensive equipment to wheel and deal em. All JP management did was tell my brother “we don’t have security cameras.” Probably because they don’t have them in the fucking Sears catalog.

Share this post and then share it again because I will not rest until justice is served. That board better make its way back by the next pow pow day or so help me god. My brother is a hard worker that works a few jobs. That board was not given to him. He bought it with the money he earns. It’s not fair that some douche thinks it’s ok to just snag with no repercussions.

C’mon 2BD nation, keep your eyes peeled for this scumbag with the white & red board. Free stickers to whoever gives us a lead on this thief.




  1. Haha

    stupid post. Be pissed his board got stolen and be pissed at the person who took it. People who steal snowboards deserve the worst kind of karma. But to expect jiminy to take responsibility for this one is just asinine.

  2. Anonymous

    Ummm, not many mountains have cameras on the tracks. Just last months my GF had her poles stolen. It’s not the mountain, it’s the people that visit it. If the snowboard was such a prized possession, maybe your bro should have used a lock to keep it safe.

  3. Anonymous

    Over inflated ego?

  4. matt hicks

    on december 29 day before my birthday my 2019 burton kilroy process was stolen at mount snow

  5. Anonymous

    Lolol. U want people to keep a lookout for a capita ultrafear? One of the most popular boards on the market? No one else could POSSIBLY have also bought one they must be the theif. News flash chief, first thing someoneís gonna do when they steal a snowboard is switch out the bindings. Unfortunately as soon as that shits gone itís gone forever. Do your bro a favor and buy him a lock to use with his next rig so he doesnít miss any pow pow days. all that said fuck anybody who steals a snowboard and Iím sorry your bro got his jacked

  6. Anonymous

    Real quality journalism here. You guys are a joke. Get a lock next time, idiot.

  7. Daniel Mackay

    To the negative energy commentators on this post: the board’s been found and returned thanks to the power of social media and a ski/board community that largely looks out for one another:

    “This is awesome! I want to thank everyone who shared the post to be on the lookout for my stolen board! Especially William Whittaker. For connecting it to the right people, it was spotted today at Ski Butternut in the shop with the guy trying to fix the bindings so they fit his feet and stance, he sure wasnít smart enough to take the Pretty Alright sticker off making it that much easier to identify.. and then we have the HERO Kevin Binkley immediately drove to the mountain and got my board back in a peaceful fashion, the thief immediately failed the questionnaire which left him humiliated and giving up the board right away, Iíd say this is a miracle, thank you to all that have helped and the good people in this world, board is coming back home tonight ! … the power of social media and the snowboard/ski community!”

  8. Rpow

    Everyone in the comments thatís being a big meany head I put a 1000 year pox on you. May you fall every ten feet on any mountain you shred for the rest of your life. Eat snow dillholes. Glad your board made it home safe Dylan!

  9. Anonymous

    Iíve been stealing and reselling snowboards for years, itís quite profitable and fun. People who do not lock their gear are the easiest targets. Stealing something that is locked is generally never with the effort. Lock your gear if you want to keep it.

  10. Michelle Polacinski

    This isn’t new! I’ve had thousands of dollars worth of stuff stolen at Jiminy. If the board was so expensive, he needs a lock to match. Anonymous over here is an asshole. Reselling gear isn’t a profitable business model, especially mid-season. Regardless, skiing is the best. Let’s keep it that way. Have him report the stolen board to guest services because many times they’ll find gear stashed in the woods or other odd places at the end of the season.



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