Great News: My Brother’s Board Has Found Its Way Home

Looks like there is a god after all. Less than 24-hours after posting about my brother getting his snowboard jacked, a kind soul found it at another ski resort and stripped the perpetrator of his manhood.

The dummy that took the board decided to take it for a ride at Butternut Ski Resort. The first thing he did was take the board to the ski shop to get the bindings fitted to his stance. What the idiot failed to do was take the “Pretty Alright” sticker off the board. So right there was a red flag and an angle in disguise named Paul got on Facebook and let the snowboard world know that he might have tracked down the prized possession.


That’s when our hero jumped into action and Kevin Binkley got in his car and made the ride to the mountain to teach the perp a life lesson. Instead of me recounting what happened in words I got Kev’s info and I decided you would rather hear the story straight from the source.

Boom!!! There you have it ladies and gentlemen. They were chatting with my brother the whole time the situation was unfolding and Dylan kinda felt like Obama when they took out Bin Laden. He was at work in the situation room waiting for the outcome.

That’s the power of social media. It unfolded in real time and it looked like this:





Hopefully this deters future theft and idiots like that think twice before taking someone’s snowboard. In this case everything worked out, but this is an anomaly. If you steal shit and you’re reading this just know that life is going to come back and kick you in the ass!



How do you feel?

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