Please Stroke Our Egos And Nominate Two Buttons Deep for the “TU Best Of” Awards

Two Buttons Deep is on the ballot to be on the ballot for the renowned Times Union Best of Awards. People love awards, and people love bragging that they have an award. You ever see a commercial for a car that wasn’t nominated for a gold star of something you’ve never heard of?

In America, nothing signifies the value of an entity more than the amount of awards plastered on their wall, and we’re no different. We really need this award to make us feel special. And a wall.

We’re in the arts and entertainment category up for best local comedian / comedy troupe. They ditched the media categories so we’re putting on some camouflage and now we’re a comedy troupe, don’t ask questions.

If we’ve made you laugh in the last two years of our existence, please visit this site, go to arts and entertainment section, and SMASH that nominate button for Two Buttons Deep for best local comedian / comedy troupe.

We’ve got a hefty pool of competition, but we’re not afraid. There’s a lot of fat that will be trimmed before the top 5 gets chosen. That’s what we’re gunning for, the top 5, and I think we’ve got a chance. Let’s see who the top 5 were last year…

Let’s analyze the competition:

#5: Greg Aidala.If I know anything about Greg Aidala, it’s that the dude doesn’t have a lick of talent, have you seen him swing a wiffleball bat? C’mon. Yeah, maybe he packs local venues for his standup gigs and he’s buddies with Jimmy Fallon, but so am I. There’s only room for one friend of Jimmy Fallon on the ballot. Rules are rules!

#4 Crime Alley. Listen, we have enough alley crime as it is here in the Capital Region. Are we trying to bargain for more? I don’t think so!

#3: FunnyBone. Is the FunnyBone a comedian? Last time I checked FunnyBone is a STAGE for comedians. And they serve expensive cocktails in their “souvenir glass” which has been out of stock for the past 2 shows I’ve attended so therefore I’ve paid $12 for a splash Burnetts vodka with juice in a plastic cup that will eventually clog a sea turtle’s nose. Thanks FunnyBone!

#2: MopCo. Who thinks a venue is funny? Is entertainment in the Capital Region really so desperate that we vote for a STAGE as best comedian? Yeah, Amy Schumer popped in to do a surprise set there, so why isn’t she on the ballot? Why are these venues not submitting to best small venue category? Who at the TU approved of this?

#1: Erin Harkes. If there’s anything I know about Erin Harkes, it’s that she wins too many awards. She took home like 6 “best of” last year, and I’m sure many more in years before that. How big of a wall do you think she has? At this point, you’re doing Erin a disservice by voting for her. She probably just wants to relax, I’m sure deep down, she too hopes 2BD takes home the top prize this year. Erin works harder than any performer I know, and everybody deserves a vacation.

And then there’s Two Buttons Deep. A group of hardworking young professionals trying to innovate the entertainment landscape here in Upstate NY. We’re not me me my my, we’re a team, and we have Upstate NY on our back. One day, not only will creative people stop leaving here to flock to jobs in NY or LA, but they’ll be leaving NY or LA to come to the Capital Region to work for Two Buttons Deep. But none of that is possible without us winning this award!

Please nominate us! If we make the top 5, then a voting period begins later this month. If we don’t, we pretend this never happened and we’ll all agree that awards are stupid.



How do you feel?

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