The Old Saratogian Building is Turning Into a Beer Hall/Coffee House

(Saratogian) The Saratogian’s old home is getting a new life.

The two-story brick structure, at the corner of Lake and Maple avenues, is undergoing major renovations with plans for a new literary-themed business called Walt and Whitman Beer Hall and Coffee House.

The building has been vacant since August 2017 when The Saratogian moved to new offices at 7 Wells St.

“It’s going to fill a void,” Mayor Meg Kelly said. “We’re excited to have that kind of business downtown. It’s only going to bring more people in.”

The Track, the lake, the Horseshoe and now Walt and Whitman Beer Hall and Coffee House will take up my entire summer. I can’t think of a better idea than opening a Beer Hall and Coffee House right smack dab in the middle of my home Saratoga.

I don’t know about you but most young adults I know live off of coffee, beer, pizza and salad. Think about how many times you’ve gotten a coffee from your go-to cafe. Think about how many times you’ve ate pizza or saw a smoking hot girl on a pizza float on Instagram, or man for that matter.


One of my resolutions was to get hot as shit and do you know how to do that? Eat like a god damn dinosaur and just dummy salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Oh and beers? We all love beers, I’m sure that won’t hurt my resolution.

This place has everything we need, I’m not even making that up. Think about any of your friends and you know 99% of them love all of the following:

The coffeehouse, with seating for dining and entertainment, will be upstairs.


The menu will include items such as pizza and salads, Kelly said.


The basement area, where the newspaper’s mailroom and presses were once located, has been gutted to make room for a brewpub. Whitman Brewing Company will make beer on site.


Everything anyone would need under not only a roof, but a historic roof. I can’t wait until June.



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