How Am I JUST Finding Out That We Have A Capital Region Mac’n’Cheese Bowl?

(Table Hopping) Many of the 30 restaurant tasting stations have been claimed for the 10th annual Hopping Mac-n-Cheese Bowl.

The event is scheduled for Saturday, March 2, in the Marcelle Athletic Complex (MAC, naturally) at Siena College in Loudonville.†An idea originating with a Table Hopping reader, the Mac-n-Cheese Bowl grew into tradition that has raised more than $355,000 so far for the Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. The food bank, which organizes the event, is seeking more restaurants wishing to participate.

Calm down Jimmy, do not freak out. Jimmy, seriously, take a couple deep breaths….


HOLY FUCK WHY AM I JUST HEARING ABOUT THIS. Saturday, March 2nd the 10th Annual Mac-n-Cheese bowl will be held at THE Siena College (shoutout to me for going there, GREAT DAY TO BE A SAINT). Apparently there will be 30 different tasting stations. Why is this important? Let me ask you a little question…Do you like Mac-n-Cheese?


Oh yeah, that’s the spot. 99% of you nod your head yes while the other 1% of you claim to have some sort of gluten allergy thus making this event about how you arenít able to participate.


Beat it. I donít want to hear it. Mac-n-Cheese is a top 5 food for everybody and if you deny this than you are just a liar, A LIAR I SAY.


Sorry for lashing out there, clearly Iím emotional and spiraling about this Mac-n-Cheese bowl and I probably didnít mean what was said. Anyways, hope to see you guys there. My guess for takes home the ship? Druthers for sure. Who do you guys have? I just opened a MyBookie account and I might have a problem.



How do you feel?

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