Officially Announcing 2BD’s First Podcast: The Jack or John Show

Annnnd we have officially broken the seal into the podcasting game. Our first show, The Jack or John Show, documents the lives of Jack (me) AND John (Longton) as we live our best life here in the Capital Region. We’re two active young men on all accounts and have a lot of scoop to report each week about our daily encounters and experience of all the shenanigans available in abundance here in Upstate. I know anyone who is either enthusiastically or reluctantly still living here in the area will find a warm sense of comfort in the fact that life here ain’t so bad after all. It’s what you make of it, and so, we made a show.

We’d love for you to give it a listen. they’re short and sweet and definitely more entertaining than that other podcast you listen to. New episodes will come every week, probably Wednesday. And will be available on Apple iTunes once we get approved. But until then: Soundcloud.

Today we start off by introducing each other, discussing week one of sober January, my acid-like experience at Mass MoCa, John’s recap of trying out for the local professional basketball team, and figuring out to filet a fish for our trip up north.

Is that intro fire or what??????



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