Would You Have Gone To See Louis C.K. at The Albany Funny Bone?

Word on the street in the Capital Region today is that once-famous, now pretty much universally hated comedian Louis C.K. sold out a last-minute show at the Albany Funny Bone comedy club in less than a half hour.

Apparently, the club can accommodate about 300 guests (so that’s a lot of tickets sold in not a lot of time), all of which apparently do not care that C.K. went down HARD with the #MeToo movement in 2018, when multiple came forward and spoke in great detail about C.K.’s inappropriate, bizarre and beyond gross sexual behaviors.

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Obviously, everyone locally is reporting this news that this show randomly popped up and only a select few people are going to be able to see C.K. attempt a comeback into comedy (I mean, that’s an assumption, but the dude’s gotta work), but I’m here to ask the question that if you could hypothetically get tickets to see tonight’s show, would you go?

Because honestly, as soon as I saw the headline, my immediate reaction was to go online and see if there was any way I could grab a couple of tickets. It was a gut reaction, for real –not that I’ve forgotten about all the messed up shit he did –because trust me, his #MeToo tales were the most “unique” by far, but he is a living comedy legend and it would just be pretty cool to say you saw one of his shows while he’s still performing.

Like I said, I KNOW what he did was super bad. But, for the Devil’s Advocate take on this: A) he needs to make a living just like the rest of us…well sort of because obviously he is extremely wealthy as-is, and B) he’s in the entertainment business as a comedian, and if you can’t find a way to move on from your mistakes and find a way to be open about them, talk about them and make people laugh at your expense, you’re in the wrong biz.

I have a feeling some people will disagree with this take, but it was my gut reaction to try to scalp tickets somewhere for whatever reason. Not saying I forgive the dude, but props to you for hitting up the small cities and having the courage to get back on stage and try to do your thing despite the inevitable hate you’re gonna get for it.



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  1. Niki Pray

    I went to the show & he was insanely hilarious! Love Louie. Always have, always will! Drove 3 hours to get here. Also would have paid 2x what I paid for the tickets to see my all time favorite comedian!


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