These Two New M&M Flavors Are Speaking Directly to My Heart

People go NUTS (no pun intended, wait a sec) for the whacky, limited edition flavors of popular chips and candies from classic Lay’s to the iconic, sometimes boring M&M’s. And when I say people go nuts, I mean to the point of where social media feeds are #trending with the discussion about how good or gross something sounds, and news anchors everywhere are trying the flavors with a whole slew of animated facial expressions on live TV.

And honestly, the whole thing is obviously just a PR stunt and publicity campaign of sorts, but it works Every. Damn. Time. and especially this time for me because the new M&M flavors are speaking directly to my heart, soul and stomach.

In 2019, M&M’s will release three limited edition, internationally-inspired flavors that the public will be able to vote on to see which will earn a permanent spot in the M&M flavor lineup. They are all peanut M&Ms (not my favorite), but these combinations do have me feeling like I want to book a one-way ticket to Flavortown:

  • Thai Coconut Peanut
  • Mexican Jalapeño Peanut
  • Toffee Peanut (way, way honorable mention if you ask me)

Chocolate is like pizza –even the worst kind is still good because, well it’s chocolate (or pizza). And as much as mixing spicy and sweet makes some people want to throw up, it’s a pretty strategically delicious combo –and plus, it’s been done before. Spicy chocolate is…SPIIIIICCCCCCCYYYY as Stefan would say, and I cannot wait to try this flavor even though it’s the most risky of the three new releases.

And Thai Coconut Peanut? Game. Over. I’m the person who takes the Valentine’s Day box of chocolate and rifles through it leaving half of the heart half eaten as I anxiously await biting into the coconut flavor. I think I would eat anything if it had coconut on it? Pretty much, yeah. Thai food is arguably the best niche of cuisine out there –shout out to my favorite place, Sukothai on Lark Street, who I would ask to provide my dying meal for when I am on my deathbed, and Caskade Kitchen & Bar in Cohoes who has the most unbelievable coconut chili lime chicken wings that are absolutely slammin’. Anyway, I’m digging that M&M is paying respects to the culinary geniuses of the Thai culture.

Only problem with these new flavors hitting the market this year? 2019 T.Rao is back on the macro diet and M&M’s just aren’t going to fit into my lifestyle right now, but since no release date has been announced, I can save my cheat days for when I can snag a couple bags of these at the checkout counter.



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