Ten Questions Deep with Albany Patroons Coach Derrick Rowland

Nobody Asked Me, But…#TenQuestionsDeep keeps getting better with each guest we bring on in every new episode. From being able to watch the Filmworks 109 crew and my producer/team captain Jack work their magic behind the camera, to getting to know my guests in real time (and hoping they like me and my jokes), this segment is a lot of fun and has given the entire 2BD squad a chance to meet and network with some super cool people in the Capital Region and tell their unique stories to our audience.

This week, I sat down with Derrick Rowland, the head coach of the Albany Patroons (and a former player and Mr. Patroon 1980 himself), and going into the interview I gotta say, I felt a little out of my comfort zone.

I knew I’d be sitting next to a giant 6’5″ man who played in the NBA and knows way more about the game of basketball than I could ever even pretend to –and hey, I didn’t know how easily he would warm up to me, considering the first question I asked him was which pair of earrings I should wear during the show.

Turns out, Coach Rowland was absolutely awesome. Not only did he pick the same pair of earrings my gut was telling me to go with (sorry, Instagram poll voters), but he also taught me how to do the “perfect shot,” which only took me one warm-up attempt before I scored the most beautiful basket a 4’11’ girl in a pair of pumps could imagine.

Check out the latest episode of Ten Questions Deep below and stay tuned for more content like this right here on Two Buttons Deep. PS: Know someone who’s got a great story to tell right here in the 518? Reach out to us on Facebook, Instagram or in the comment section to let us know who should be our next guest on 10QD.



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