New Documentary Reaffirms My Love for Bill Murray

Last night the Eagles Saints game ended and I was left searching for something to watch. ESPN was all jammed up with Australian Open coverage and I decided that maybe I should give sports a break for a little bit…reluctantly.

I have subscriptions to Hulu, Amazon Prime and Netflix, but I feel like I can never find anything to watch. I usually spend most of my time perusing these platforms searching for shit rather than actually consuming a show or a movie. It’s kinda like watching porn in the sense of most of the time you’re looking for that special shot and the majority of your energy is devoted to clicking through different videos, fast forwarding ahead, never being fully satisfied and just being left disgusted with yourself, but I digress.

I made my way to Netflix and a new title popped up that caught my eye. It was simply called The Bill Murray Stories: Life Lessons Learned From a Mythical Man. I quickly thought to myself, “Finally. I found the money shot that I was searching for.”

Photo Credit — Netflix

I’m not going to play spoilers, but I will just say that this documentary about Bill Murray kept me entertained and also inspired me. The shit that this guy did while he wasn’t on a movie set makes me appreciate Bill the person more than Bill the actor. He continually brightened stranger’s days just because he wanted to.

There was a few stories of him just showing up at house parties, bars, kickball games and other places unannounced and would just hang out and have fun. Then in a blink of an eye he would vanish and just leave behind awesome fucking stories.

There’s some good first hand accounts of interactions with Bill that leave you questioning whether or not you’re living the right way. My advice to you is that you search this documentary right when you’re done reading this. It’s hard for me to write this and not give away what happened in the film. So I’m just going to pass the message that it’s a must watch and leave it at that.

You won’t regret it. And if you want to chat about it after the fact reach out to me @jlongtoniii because now I have a new goal in life and if you watch The Bill Murray Stories you’ll know what I mean.



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