Politics Aside, Gillibrand Has Her Priorities Straight for 2020

I was today years old when I found out her name wasn’t Kristen Gillibrand, It’s Kirsten. And there’s a heavy forecast that she’s going to announce her bid for presidency tonight on one of my favorite late night shows, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

Why do I care? I don’t, really. I avoid politics at all cost. You won’t ever see a political opinion here on 2BD because you never win no matter how right you think you are. In my view, the people with political power are temporary and the people arguing politics on Facebook are the bottom of the barrel that our society has to offer. I stay out of it no matter the temptation.

With that said, I don’t tend to keep up with the times of local or national politics. Call me irresponsible, say I take American citizenship for granted, I don’t care about that opinion of yours either. For as long as I can go about my day to day life with ease, eat what I want to eat, and do what I choose to do with my life as an American, I don’t give a shit who’s in office.

But there’s something political that has certainly captured my attention this week, and it’s Gillibrand’s bid to overtake the White House in 2020. There have been a few announcements in the past few weeks from others as well, none of which are more than a bullet to the Trump tank, but it all starts somewhere. And for Gillibrand, it’s our pride and joy, Troy, NY.

I moved to Troy almost three years ago after a lifetime of avoiding it at all costs. Call me a bandwagoner, say I’m part of the problem, and then read the line about your opinion in paragraph three. I love Troy, we run 2BD in Troy and I support mostly everything happening in Troy. I think it’s an incredible city with a lot of flare and opportunity for those who do more than complain. There are so many people from all walks of life in the midst of incredible endeavors and it’s awesome to be personally and professionally integrated with it all after my short tenure in the collar city.

But Kirsten’s announcement is something I don’t think this city has ever seen before. A presidential candidate based right smack dab in the middle of downtown. I’m gonna ignore the gas this would be to the already flaming parking crises (because I’m a privileged adult with a parking pass to a garage) and say this is huge news for the city. Which it is, politics aside.

I don’t even know what a presidential candidate HQ entails. Will she be broadcasting her mock presidential addresses there? Is that where she’ll muster up her witty yet impactful counter-Trump tweets? I don’t know, but what I do know, is that Kirsten Gillibrand has her priorities straight. Her new HQ (the Frear building, previously Upstate’s largest department store back in its hay day) is a just a few miles down the road from her Brunswick home and just a hop skip and a step away from our mutual favorite dive bar, The Bradley.

I could be going buttons deep with Prez Gillibrand a few years from now at the place I call second home. I love the Bradley, it’s 2BD’s go-to after our meetings at the neighboring Troy Innovation Garage, and home of the wet wet, something that I’m sure keeps Gillibrand coming back for more.

The Bradley is where we caught Upstate NY’s first Uber, where we’ve recorded a few Squadcasts, had a rare on-video appearance from the legendary Shannon on NAMB, and where the haters keep ripping down our stickers (we found the culprit and he’s as much of a schmuck as you’d imagine.)

Regardless, I have no idea what’s in store for Gillibrand politically, but I know for sure that she has her priorities straight. It’s a tough road to the white house, and everybody needs a good bar to lean on when things get tough. And not a fancy cocktail bar with buttoned up bartenders expecting a $5 tip for cracking a Heineken for you, but a tried and true bar where that $5 can get you as many buttons deep as you need to go.

I’m excited for Kirsten and I’m excited for this city. I’ll see you at the Bradley, we’re having a watch party of Colbert tonight at 11:35PM.



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