We’re Rolling Out Our Very First Red Carpet and Hosting a Pre-Event Video Show at the MetaGala Feb. 2

I’m always pushing to bring a little more fashion to our 2BD content and a LOT more fashion to the Capital Region as a whole, because, well, it’s my thing. And when nearly everyone in the Northeast is experiencing the winter blues, a little thing called gala season happens where people get to go out on a cold, winter night, dress up fancy and drink the seasonal depression away for a good cause.

So, in trying to combine these two thoughts, I had this great idea (*pats self on back*) to create a little buzz around gala season in the Capital Region and roll out a red carpet with my fellow 2BD co-founder and team leader, Jack.

Our first red carpet event is happening at the Metabolic MetaGala at the Albany Marriott on February 2, and we are EXCITED. Move over, Hollywood. Jack and I are going to get fancy AF for a pre-event video show where we can capture the vibe of the first MetaGala and have a little fun with it at the same time.

Like I said, a red carpet is a must, and Jack and I will be there to chat with event goers, let them debut their fashion choices and get interviewed on camera before they get too turnt up to take a decent Instagram pic. It’s not all about fashion, though –we just want to go a few buttons deep and talk to people on their way in and see what the event is all about in classic 2BD fashion (no pun intended). Not a lot of plans or rules, here –just going in with an open mind, knowing it’ll be a good time no matter what happens, ’cause we’ll be there! Kidding.

We’ll also have a photo station set up so everyone can get a photo opp. on the red carpet and of course have a chance to see themselves in a 2BD video that we’ll post following the event.

All proceeds from the MetaGala will benefit St. Catherine’s Center for Children right here in Albany, so if you haven’t thought about going yet, it’s probably a good idea to get your tickets so you can be charitable while you enjoy drinks, music, food and get to walk the red carpet on your way in to what’s sure to be a memorable event. Who’s ready to get fancy?




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  1. Bill

    YOU STOLE THIS IDEA! ACS launches thris at their gala last year and carried it through all their events… lol


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