Quinn From PYX 106 Tried To Shoot His Shot and Missed…Terribly

Times UnionAn on-air host for WPYX-106.5 FM invited a local television reporter to his hot tub in a tweet, apologizing in advance for the “creep factor” in the since-deleted tweet.

Host Chris Laursen, whose on-air name is Quinn of the Quinn and Cantara Morning Show, tweeted the request to Lexi Nahl, a reporter for ABC affiliated after seeing a clip of her standing outside in the cold on Jan. 10.
As they say in 2019, “shoot your shot.” Most of us channel that audacity in a bar, or at least in the DMs, but Quinn took his shot to the Twitterverse at News10 reporter Lexi Nahl, and he missed…terribly.

“I apologize in advance for this tweets creep factor, we’re having one of our annual #showsummits in my hottub fri at 12:30! May be disgusting accidental nudity but you’re invited as our guest to get warm and brainstorm 2019 w/us,” Laursen wrote.

Hey Chris, I know you’re reading this. Have you ever heard of “DMs”? Direct messages, they’re this great invention that let you shoot your shot discreetly and directly. This gives her the chance to respectfully accept, or in this instance, definitely decline your request to be flashed by you in your hottub.

Listen, we’ve all had a crush on a news reporter at some point or another (right?), and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s best to keep the “creep factor” to yourself before you get dragged across the local interwebs and becoming forever archived as “that guy.”

As Lexi’s fellow reporter pointed out, screenshots are forever, and now you’ve got to ride it out with your true colors in full bloom (not that your Hooters girl segment or goggling over your’s co-host wife’s breast implants didn’t do so already). And although you apologized, you really gotta work on your aim before you ever shoot again. It’s 2019, bro.



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