Sorry Not Sorry: My New $40 Toothbrush Was NOT a Waste of Money

Listen, I am a SUCKER for buying things through social media or from influencers/personalities I like. Why? IDK, mostly because they make things look cool AF and I want to be cool AF. Pretty simple.

But aside from how these things can look online (’cause we all know that doesn’t really mean anything), I really only buy things that seem like quality items from brands I can get behind. Maybe it’s my marketing degree talking, but I’m 100 percent down to become brand loyal to and spend all of my money with a company forever and ever once I take the plunge and try out their stuff.

From Glossier makeup and skincare, to the linen dress I buy at least one of every year from the Ukraine, I’ll put my money where I wanna put it so I can feel good about the brands I shop with and  yeah, look cool AF. Jack is completely convinced I just have a shopping problem, but I promise the inside of my apartment looks nothing like an episode of Hoarding: Buried Alive.

So anyway, my recent a-little-too-expensive-social-media-advertising-influenced purchase was a quip toothbrush. I first heard of quip on an episode of KFC Radio and yeah, I was intrigued. Then, around the holidays, I saw them in the aisles at Target and figured eventually I’d have to treat myself to one of these and see what all the hype was about.

Was I proud at first that I was so easily able to talk myself into a $40 toothbrush? No. But of course, when you’re paying that much, you’re gonna get a little more than the base model that costs $2.99. This electric toothbrush follows the currently trendy subscription model, similar to Dollar Shave Club and the like, where you can have toothpaste and brush replacements sent right to your doorstep every few months.

They do have a cheaper toothbrush that comes in plastic (that’s $25 and I think Jack would STILL disapprove of that purchase), but I splurged and went for the very aesthetically pleasing and sleek gold one. It feels heavy and luxurious, just my style! And when it came, the packaging had me so excited to brush my teeth and get ready for bed. Wait, that’s me every night…but whatever.

I just loved everything about how cool AF this looked, and the pamphlet inside literally taught me things about brushing my teeth that I had no clue about for the 25 years I have been brushing my teeth. Obviously I can’t tell you what they are because you need to try it for yourself. But, the goal of quip is to help people keep their mouths cleaner and healthier for longer, and a lot of that is by doing some more preventative stuff every day and giving your teeth the TLC they deserve on the reg.

Oh…and the last thing that makes this truly worth the money. The toothbrush is basically on a timer, so once you read the instructions, you brush until it makes a little vibrating cue to switch sides of your mouth and then it completely shuts off when you’ve brushed your teeth for long enough. This is the smartest piece of technology I have in my bathroom I am fairly confident. Money well spent, sorry Jack. Gotta keep my moneymaker and my pearly whites in tip top shape if we want to take this 2BD brand somewhere someday with us at the helm.





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