Watch The Hulu Fyre Fest Doc To See What A Fraud @FuckJerry Is

I just finished the dueling Fyre Festival documentaries on both Hulu and Netflix and upon completion, I have come up with one conclusion. Fuck FuckJerry. Those “influencing” scumbags had their hands in that complete mess that was Fyre Fest almost as much the orchestrator, Billy McFarland, (who might be the biggest scumbag in human history.)


Billy McFarland — Vice

If you live under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about you should go watch the Fyre Fest documentaries on Hulu. The Hulu one is better because @FuckJerry and Viceland collaborated in making the Netflix doc where they purposely do not portray themselves as the villain, which in fact they are. FuckJerry was one of the main advertisers which scammed people out of millions of dollars, and they knew it all along.

Here’s Esquire‘s recap of the festival:

The Fyre Festival was nothing short of a rich, influencer-driven disaster. It was supposed to be a high-end getaway music festival with headliners Blink-182, G.O.O.D. Music, and Lil Yachty. Fans were promised beautiful people, beautiful food, beautiful beaches, and beautiful accommodations. But when the wealthy attendees began arriving at Great Exuma on April 27, 2017, they found themselves in the middle of chaos. There were wet mattresses! Postponed shows! No water! Lost baggage! Delayed flights! And for God’s sake, people with disposable income were expected to eat poorly constructed cheese sandwiches!


Elliot Tebele, Founder of @FuckJerry —

Social “influencers” are scum of the earth. Basically their jobs are to make people jealous of their lives and try to keep up and do the shit that they do just to seem cool and relevant. At first, @FuckJerry started out by reposting memes and funny stuff, which I’m totally for, but then decided to use their power to make some coin, there’s nothing wrong with that either. Until they got into the dirty work of promoting an inevitably catastrophic event known as Fyre Fest.

Down the stretch @FuckJerry knew that there was no way that this thing could have logistically happen, but they were paid to do a job and those greedy fucks never alerted the public about the deceit that the Fyre Fest was putting out. Instead, they rode that bitch till the wheels fell off and then tried to play the victim when the festival scammed people out of millions of dollars.

Hulu made a Fyre Festival documentary and in it, they revealed the role that @FuckJerry played. They even interviewed a former Jerry Media employee that basically said that they knew coming down the stretch that it was a major disaster, but they still promoted it anyway. FuckJerry also helped run the Fyre Fest Instagram accounts, and continuously deleted negative comments as soon as they popped up from people about to fly to a remote island with little to no knowledge of what was actually happening beyond what was advertised in this video:

During the aftermath, to try to curve the bad press, @FuckJerry helped produce their own documentary in collaboration with Viceland that would debut on Netflix. Luckily Hulu Beyonce’d their ass and silently dropped their own tell-all doc a few days before. 

Well, people are dumb and it looks like more eyes saw the Netflix doc and it seems as if @FuckJerry has weaseled their way out of hot water. But I say no. Fuck that. Fuck @FuckJerry. We should all take a stand and not give these fuckers any more publicity. It’s not even like they have original content. They just steal shit and repost stuff and that’s how they build their following. I know what you’re thinking, “But John doesn’t Two Buttons Deep do the same shit?” Well, yeah but we at least credit the original poster and oh, we have ORIGINAL CONTENT, something that @FuckJerry is incapable of. I don’t see those nerds putting out a Waiter Press Conference .

Then on top of it all, they have the audacity to toot their own horns about donating to a go fund me for the Bohemian workers that got fucked out of getting paid because she loaned over $50,000 to serve festival attendees at her sole restaurant on the island and she was never repaid.


First off, this happened a year and a half ago and now you want to help the people that got fucked over?! I’m sure this has nothing to do with the fact that Hulu exposed you scumbags and you needed a positive spin, right? Second, I’m sure you guys have enough money meet the goal on your own and kinda right your wrong, but instead of doing this silently you want to take credit and look like the hero. If people are too dumb to see this shit for what it really is maybe they deserve to have people like @FuckJerry and other “influencers” rip them off like the losers who paid tens of thousands of dollars to go to Fyre Festival in the first place.

America, Capital Region, 2BD Nation or whoever is reading this post, it’s time to make a stand. Go to your Instagram, search @FuckJerry and give those fuckers and unfollow. You can live without them. We all can live without them.

I’m John Longton and I approve this message.



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