The Rusty Anchor Pulled The SPIN MOVE OF THE CENTURY To Avoid Becoming Titanic 2.0

I have good news folks, my beloved Rusty Anchor has been contained.

Although slightly battered, and it may now be a convertible, the barge remained in one piece as it led the entire Capital Region on the slowest chase this Earth has ever seen.

As if the three barges on the loose were in a race to warmer weather, the Rusty Anchor had the clear advantage of being short and stout, thus dodging being close-lined by bridges. The Captain JP however, wasn’t so lucky….

That’s sad, but the only allegiances I have in terms of vessels on the Hudson are with the Rusty Anchor, The Dutch Apple Cruise, and John’s Boatel. So when I heard that the Rusty Anchor was on the move this AM my heart sank. I did what all good Catholics would who haven’t been to church since their first communion would do: I went to the Internet and asked for prayers…Lo and Behold, this vessel was en route to getting karate chopped by the Amtrak bridge, to be punctured right down the middle. I mean, if the scrape of an iceberg can cause this:

Then there’s no doubt in my mind this could have been the end of the Anchor as we know it. But thanks to your prayers, and a little help from the liquid courage on board, and physics, the Anchor pulled the SPIN MOVE OF THE CENTURY to avoid becoming Titanic 2.0.

Watch the first minute of this:

That was an Ezekiel Elliott level spin move, just 1000x slow motion. No way was this damn bridge going to be the end of the Anchor. After this glorious maneuver, the heroes operating smaller barges were able to contain the Anchor and bring her back to safety.

Man, what an exciting day this has been. Yeah, your 15 minute commute took an hour an a half this morning and I have no idea if it will be fiscally possible for the anchor to resume business come Spring. But that’s what Gofundme is for. I won’t let this go down without a fight.



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