I’m Gonna Bachelor’s Chop Marko Out of My Life For Ghosting Me at the Gym

I’ll do (almost) anything for a good story, even if it means getting up an hour earlier to drive to a gym farther away to meet a friend who will most likely not be there as promised. I’m also an optimist and a morning person, so when Marko texted me yesterday to let me know he’s finally ready to jump back on the group fitness wagon and sign up for his free week at Metabolic, I jumped at the chance to meet him in Green Island for the 6AM class.

Our text thread had me filled with hope and excitement that I could finally get someone from the squad to enjoy going to Metabolic as much as I do, and let’s face it –if anyone on the team has a chance of doing that, it’s 100% going to be Marko over John or Jack. We mutually decided 6AM was our time to go, but as soon as Marko said, “I’ll text you at 5:30 and let you know how I feel,” a tiny bit of doubt crept into my thoughts and morning plans.

Was that going to stop me from showing up, though? Hell no! It’s MOTIVATION MONDAY and again, if anyone should know the importance of starting the week off strong, it’s Mr. Motivation Monday himself. So, I got on about my day as usual, sending some text Marko’s way assuring I’d be seeing him soon.

I’ve actually never worked out in Green Island before (besides when we did our video), so I got there a little early to get myself acclimated and save a space on the floor for my new gym buddy Marko. I watched the minutes tick by on the clock as I stretched and surveyed the rest of the room, with no Marko to be found.

But as all tough people do, I got on with my workout and thought about how either way, this was a win for me because if he showed up, I’d have a new gym buddy, and if he didn’t, I’d have every right to blast him on the internet for ghosting me at the gym.

Have you ever seen a sadder picture?

Marko, I was there for YOU, bud. Let’s reach these fitness goals together and get that free week going. I’m actually kind of committed to making this work because I just want to prove the squad right that we should ALL be going to Metabolic together to strengthen our relationship and our core.

Do Marko and I try this again tomorrow? Stay tuned.



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