A Rotterdam Woman Stole Two Tortoises From a Pet Store and I Have Questions

People say malls are dying, right? Well, that’s not entirely true –bad malls in underpopulated areas are dying, and when the retail stores slowly close their doors, businesspeople repurpose the sprawling square footage and turn the malls of the past into entertainment centers, movie theaters, aquariums, pet stores (apparently) and more.

And just because there isn’t a Macy’s on the end-cap to shoplift from doesn’t mean people are walking out of the mall empty-handed and taking their criminal tendencies somewhere else. It means that instead of stealing a couple sweaters or slipping some jewelry right off the counter and into your handbag, people like this woman from Rotterdam are taking live creatures out of their first-world habitats and running away with them.

Yeah, you read that right. A Rotterdam woman recently stole TWO tortoises (valued at $300 a tortoise, so they say) from a pet store and was caught on video surveillance doing it.

As reported by News10 ABC:

Police are looking to identify a woman they say stole two tortoises from Everything Pets in Rotterdam.

The pet store is offering a $100 reward for anyone offering information leading to the woman’s arrest.

The incident was captured on surveillance video and was posted to the Everything Pets’ Facebook Page. Police say the woman, with a child, took the tortoises by putting them in her purse.

Lady, what? Excuse me? It’s 2019. People have gotten FAR more creative when it comes to scamming to get some quick cash in an illegal fashion. I mean, you can literally use the internet for anything these days and trick someone into doing something that will end up making you a buck or two. But stealing from a pet store….I can’t quite wrap my head around this.

At first before I knew what was stolen, I thought maybe someone did something crafty in effort to snag a little puppy from a pet store like someone did a while back at another Capital Region mall. This, while still illegal and inappropriate, I can kind of understand.

A) Maybe this criminal is lonely AF and simply had to get a companion to survive, or:

B) This person is actually quite logical and selfless and wanted to save a puppy from the lackluster life inside a cage at a mall pet store.

Somewhat respectable –bold, yes –but there’s a motive here we might be able to get behind. Stealing two tortoises on the other hand, I have NO IDEA where this inspiration could’ve came from. Are these going to be this woman’s new companions? Or is there a black market for tortoises in the 518 that none of us know about? I mean, $300 per tortoise ain’t small change, but at the same time this seems like a very unique strategy to get yourself some cash.

And lastly, there’s only a $100 being offered to whoever comes forward with the scoop on where these tiny turtles are at. I mean, that’s very generous of the pet store who lost their little buddies, but like…not enough for me to think they actually care enough about getting them back. I can only imagine look on the face of the dispatcher who answers the call from the person who does have information about the tortoise kidnapping….

Honestly, this is some Florida-type of shit happening right here in the Capital Region. Is winter that bad? Have the residents of the 518 lost their minds in these frigid temps? IDK, man. Time to tape up some “LOST TORTOISE” signs on telephone polls all over town, I guess.



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  1. Alex

    There is actually a black market for turtles… theyre the most traded non-commercial organism on the planet. They are stolen all the time from pet stores, zoos, and aquariums. Theyre often sold to China and Indonesia as alternative medicines. The more you know…


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