We’ve Got a Section 2 Basketball Fight (And Averill Park Has a New Fan)

(TU) BETHLEHEM — Two basketball players have both received one-game suspensions following a brawl that broke out on the court during a recent basketball game between Averill Park High School and Bethlehem High School.

“We are concerned and disappointed to see this kind of behavior unfold during a game,” Jody Monroe, the Bethlehem School District superintendent, said. “We hold all student-athletes to the highest standards of sportsmanship, good judgment, and personal responsibility.”

Now this is something I can get behind. Last night in a section 2 battle we saw an old fashioned donnybrook between the Bethlehem Eagles and Averill Park Warriors. Let’s go to the tape.




The Bethlehem player is upset, throws a casual headbutt and then a sneaky right jab. After, while probably feeling like the toughest guy in the gym, he begins to back pedal as things start to calm down for all of about .3 seconds.

Now this is the part of the video I respect. Having been a hockey player who had a tendency to run his mouth and get his ass kicked, I’ve had plenty of teammates come to my aid in the past as a “third man in”. A third man in is exactly what it sounds like and team sports tend to have a Wolfpack mentality. The moment the Averill Park kid got suckered in the face a fellow teammate immediately jumped in and alpha’d the Bethlehem kid out of the gym and into the parking lot. The same type of shit that happens in the bars on Caroline Street at 2AM.

The funny part about this is that the Bethlehem superintendent is “concerned and disappointed” while the Averill Park AD declined to talk about the fight. Why? Because of course you’re going to be disappointed if one of your kids gets bullied and alpha’d. It’s never a great look to lose a fight so you need to say something about how this really impacted your day to day life to save face. Averill Park on the other hand? They might have lost the game but the team camaraderie formed by this minor altercation is something the boys can rally around.  I’m a Blue Streak for life but let me tell you what, I don’t know if you’ll ever find a bigger Averill Park High School Basketball fan than myself.




  1. Anonymous

    don’t say “alpha’d”

  2. Anonymous

    You sir are 100% correct with your comments. The AP Athletic Director clearly doesn’t have their players back on this one. No comment is unacceptable. Thank goodness for the player that stepped in and eliminated the coward from Bethlehem. AP has a great shot to win the title and even more of a reason to bust their butts to get it done.

  3. John G

    The AP AD should be proud of the kid
    If a bully/coward on an opposing team takes a sucker punch at a kid and his teammates respond in force then all is right on the court. Kudos to the referees


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