Icy Cold Hot Take: Ice Bars Are Overrated Selfie Traps, But You Should Still Go to Them

Last week we tossed up a post on the 2BD Instagram page letting the people know where all of the ice bars are in Upstate NY that they can enjoy during this unbearable winter season. And of course it got a lot of love as the majority of people are HYPED for ice bar season. Reluctantly I will say, rightly so.


Ice bars are a unique concept, and I completely understand that winter in Upstate NY and the Northeast is so terrible in general that you can get people to buy into almost any idea when it comes to finding entertainment during these dreary, dull months. So, you wanna grab your squad and head to one of these events and spice up your winter weekend a little bit? I support you.

HOWEVER, after checking out the Sagamore Ice Bar last year and seeing the social media posts start to trickle in this season, we all must at least get on the same page about what ice bars are really for. Yes, you’re attending these events to get day-drunk and forget about the frigid temps, you are 99.9 percent going because you want to take a selfie of you at an ice bar this winter.

Why are these places such a photo opp? Again, I’m all in on the drinking and social element, but there’s enough ice bars to go around, and I think the initial thrill of these sculptures wears off as quickly as your weak $14 espresso martini does when you’re standing outside, no? I’d be willing to bet you’d see more selfies and photos being taken at ice bars than you do on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Is it because there’s really not that much to do, and you quickly realize that once you get there? Or is it that our winter-stricken brains are simply frozen and the only words we can muster out are, “Can you take a picture of us, please?”

Listen, I just had to get this icy cold hot take out there. I know a lot of you might feel the same way, but then I’ll see you post exactly what I’m talking about so like….ya know.

After discussing in my last episode of Ten Questions Deep with Kristi about all the things we *don’t* like to see on social media, one thing I can add to that list is seeing low quality pics of high quality places, like ice bars. So, if you’re going to go all in on the photo opp and hope to pull three-digit likes on your picture, let’s put some serious effort in.

Hell, I hopped on the ice bar’s motorcycle sculpture last year and almost broke my ankle while doing it. THAT is the type of commitment I want to see if you’re getting after it this ice bar season.



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