Labatt Stepped Up As 2BD’s Official First Beer Sponsor…Are My Miller Lite Days Officially Over?

Everybody’s just trying to chase that paper, am I right? No exception over here as the 2BD co-captains are hard at work trying to get some partnerships going that will keep us growing and thriving as the startup entertainment we are (trying to be).

And business is business, so our latest partnership with Labatt Blue/Labatt Blue Light might have me permanently switching my beer alliance away from my once beloved Miller Lite. *Hears loud gasps from everyone reading this.*

If you haven’t already heard, the Two Buttons Deep squad will be hanging out and hosting our own live event at Caroline St. Pub in Saratoga to kick off the Saratoga Frozen Springs Classic, a pond hockey tournament taking place February 8-10.

We’re hyped to get some fans to come out to Toga Town, go a few buttons deep, and drink some Labatt with us. Side note: nobody is more excited for this event than Mr. Morning Skate and self-proclaimed King of the North, Jimmy Collins AKA Ked AKA Half-Ass Squad Member Jimmy.

This kid has legitimately said on the record he is “afraid” to go south of Exit 9 on the Northway, so knowing that all of his squad will be coming up North for a night with him filled with his favorite things –hockey and drinking –this better be the event that turns him into a full ass member. Jimmy actually runs his own really successful podcast and blog called The Morning Skate, so we’re excited to have him and his fans on board to show some love at Caroline St. Pub and support my new…favorite…beer.

Who’s excited to hang out with THESE GUYS?
Photo: Beth Mickalonis

OK, so back to that. Am I a Labatt girl now? Am I going to be dripping in Labatt Blue swag at this event? Probably. Will I look better than John did when he was wearing a Labatt winter sweater at Karaoke night? One hundred percent.

But listen, I’m not just switching my alliances for nothing. This is us getting closer to the big leagues where people want us, yeah, us, to represent them and their brands –and that’s thanks to you 2BD fans who are right in that sweet spot age group where people want to trick you into spending money on certain things like domestic beer.

So, whattayasay? Who’s going Uber their asses out to Saratoga to hang out with us for a chance to win some cool swag or NHL tickets, and obviously see all of our goofy squad members entertaining the crowd at Caroline St. Pub. It’s gonna be a good time, people. Especially if you’ll be drinking Labatt like me. (It’s still a little tough for me to type those words, but I know it’s worth it…)



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