Come Hang With the 2BD Squad In Saratoga On Friday

Boy oh boy I am hot and bothered. As some of you might now, I run a website and podcast called The Morning Skate. It started a few years ago when my buds moved away so weíd video chat, drink beers and talk hockey. Fast forward to February 2019, we have almost 30 thousand followers on twitter, 12 thousand on Instagram and has become a huge part of my life. Without it, I wouldnít even be sitting here writing this. Why? Because Jack had no idea who Jimmy Collins was 3 years ago, but he did know who the ďKedĒ was. You see, I was involved in an online war with a disgruntled human of PC culture and in long story short, brought us to his attention. After this, Jack reached out, told me about what himself and Taylor do and Iíve been going buttons deep ever since.

I write about whatever I want to on 2BD, but things thrive when I combine the power of 2BD with my passion for hockey. For example:

Those Adirondack Thunder fans can get rowdy. Itís been quite a ride and itís only going up from here. Bringing us to this Friday:

Screen Shot 2019-02-06 at 11.19.43 AM.png

Jack asked me if I’d be down to partner on this event with Labatt. Does a one legged duck swim in circles? Of course I am. Friday from 10-12, following the Saratoga Frozen classic, myself and the 2BD squad will be posted up at the Caroline St Pub getting after it.

Iíve ordered Morning Skate hats, koozies, shirts and stickers for give aways and Labatt is hooking us up with gear and NHL tickets, which is quite the prize. Itíll be a great time to get together with other hockey players and just enjoy the weekend. This tournament is one that myself and tons of other local hockey players circle every year because its literally almost 72 hours of hockey, beers and memories.

This will be the first time the whole crew will be together in north country and I am pumped for it to happen. So come on out, win some shit, drink some beers and lets make Friday, the opening night of the hockey tournament, one of those days that you always circle on your calendar.

One last thing- I’ll be around this entire weekend at the tournament so if you see me around, be sure to say hi. I’m sure Jack and I will be recording another video so make sure you come up and introduce yourselves. I’ll make sure we bring plenty of stickers.



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