This New Stupid App Lets You to Buy Drinks at The Bar For Your Friends

BrewFund, a new app that allows users to buy drinks for friends and receive drinks in return at participating bars, has added an Albany restaurant as the first New York place to accept the app.

City Line Bar and Grill in Albany is for now the only place in the state to redeem a drink sent via the app. (There are about 50 bars nationwide at the moment, two-thirds in Tennessee.) Users complete a profile, adding a credit card if they wish to buy drinks for others, then can search for friends using BrewFund and for drinks available at participating locations. Once a drink has been added to a userís account, a bartender enters a code on the userís smartphone to redeem and void the voucher.†

-Times Union

This. Is. Fuckin. Stupid.

First off, why can’t you just go to the goddam bar and hand over cash for said drink for a buddy instead of fidgeting with a mobil device? This is just another way to make sure we stay on our phones longer while we’re in public rather than talking face to face. Second, the fact that City Line is the only place in the state that this app works makes me hate that place more than I already do. Just keep in mind when someone says that whole state of New York, it includes New York City. There’s not a single place in NYC that’s this obnoxious, but City Line thinks they’re cutting edge.

Why can’t we just bring back Sudder’s Mill and eat greasy burgers in a place that can’t pass a code inspection? Instead we are stuck with a place that wants to be in Brooklyn so badly that their menu reflects that…and so do their prices. City Line reminds me the episode of South Park when they built SoDoSoPa, a gentrified area around Kenny’s house. It was a brilliant idea to get their Whole Foods that worked, but it’s not my style. Just picture the City Line in this ad:

Our society needs more reasons to get off the phone, not ignore your friends while they are talking to punch in an app that complicates an easy task of paying for a drink. This is almost as bad as that one app that keeps track off all the different beers you’ve had. I’ve only had a couple situations of people showing me all the stupid beers they’ve had and both times I wanted to punch that person in the face.

Why don’t we all just put the phones down and embrace each other’s company. And while we’re at it lets go to the Across The Street Pub because the beer is cheaper and the menu is simpler. Cheers to that.



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  1. John from Albany

    Wow… sounds like someone doesn’t have a friend to buy them a beer…


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