This Drumming Baby Was The Real MVP Of The Saratoga Pond Hockey Tournament

We spent the weekend up in the North Country (Saratoga) putting on a smorgasbord of activities. Friday night we threw a pre-party for the pond hockey tournament at Caroline Street pub. We went all buttons deep and somehow left without hundreds of dollars of belongings, John’s winter coat or his car keys. We then spent a very hungover Saturday eating the best clam chowder Saratoga has to offer (not a proper hangover cure) followed by another session of drinking during the infamous Saratoga Pond Hockey tournament which took us through the night. It was what we have coined the Labattathon, mostly because our event was sponsored by Labatt and we had an abundance of product to get us through weekend. You can hear more about it on The Jack Or John Show, but I’m here to address one thing: the real MVP of the ice hockey tournament.

The tournament is a really great event that takes a lot of prep and execution mixed with the rights cards played by Mother Nature. They have 16 or so outdoor rinks set up for washed up hockey players to gear up again to chirp each other and drink Labatt. It’s a bulletproof formula if all goes according to plan. There’s a lot of fun games, fans, enough beer to go around twice but there was really something special and it was a drumming baby.

Pure, raw, prodogetical talent. He took over during downtime from the refrigerators, and I would say he’s better than the refrigerators, but that’s a lie. Nobody in the 518 is better than the refrigerators. Here is an hour and a half of proof:





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