What Are My Valentines Day Plans? Going to Stewarts For a 50-Cent Cone

There are three things in this world that I love with every bit of my body- The United States, hockey and Stewart’s. As you may remember, I dressed up as an employee for halloween this year with several rocket shop deli dogs (SUP GIRLS).


Gary Dake, who is an absolute legend, came to my job a few days later, dropped off some free cone coupons and shook my hand. We might have not talked since that moment but I would consider him a close personal friend now.

As Valentines day approaches, naturally you wonder about what your plans will be. Luckily, I donít have a significant other so I donít have to worry about making reservations for dinner or spending $100 on gifts or doing a thousand other things that might make another happy but myself significantly miserable. So with no plans on the agenda I was wondering, how can I treat myself this year?

(Stewarts) No reservation needed for these Valentineís plans! ? 50Ę single scoop cones all day on Valentineís Day (2.14.19) ??

Choose from any†flavor at our ice cream counter†to enjoy on a cone or in a dish. Treat yourself to your favorite flavor or take a special someone out for dessert.

You can find a†full flavor list here†Ė click the cone icon for those available at our ice cream counter.

After work on Thursday, you will find me at the Middle Grove Stewarts, in my own booth chowing down a Peanut Butter Pandemonium ice cream cone. Itís the little things in life that go a long way. So while some of you are nervous and upset that youíre going to be alone for Valentines day, donít worry because my good friend Gary Dake and Stewart’s have your back.



How do you feel?

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