My Best Bud Gary Dake Delivered Ice Cream To Me On Valentine’s Day

Letís paint the picture. I’m wheeling and dealing on an excel document at work, I have my headphones on listening to September by Earth, Wind and Fire. Before I know it, another Fingerpainter comes knocking on my desk and I wonder what is going on. Thats when I hear it, everything Iíve ever wanted to hear and more.

ďJimmy, so the head of Stewarts came by and dropped this off for you…Ē

Lo and behold, in her hands is a cup of Peanut Butter Pandemonium with a spoon. I usually HATE Valentines Day because Iím not a big “YOU NEED TO DO THIS TO BE ROMANTIC” kind of guy but let me tell ya, that guy Gary has some serious swagger.

The thought and gesture of him doing this is exactly why I love Stewarts. Other companies can talk the talk but none walk the walk like Stewarts does. Anybody else have the president of a mulit-million dollar company drop off some ice cream for you because you wrote a blog about being lonely on Valentine’s day? Nope, don’t think so. This is the first Valentines Day that Iíve ever actually enjoyed and for that Gary, I thank you.

ALSO, Taylor let’s tone it down over there. All this ďhalf-assed member of the squadĒ talk needs to subside. I have people calling me Click Through Collins because of all the blogs Iím cranking out. Who is best friends with the President of Stewarts? This guy. Who started a book club, by the people for the people? This guy. Who had people doing the TJ Oshie at the Pond hockey pre party? This guy. Itís one team one dream out here and the Ked is THRIVING.



How do you feel?

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