One Way to Get Me To NOT Give up My Seat is to Act Like This Lady

The above video went super viral yesterday and for good reason. I watched this video during my lunch break and I still canít get her voice out of my head. Good god, would you lock it up.


Now we donít know if her seat was stolen or if she was provoked but if you act like this then youíre out of your god damn mind if you think Iím going to stand up and let you take my seat.

Listen, Iím all about chivalry and equality and to be honest even before this lady went full blown exorcist, I wouldíve stoodup and gave her my seat, 1000 percent. Why? Because itíd be the right thing to do. As an older lady, she has been through the every day grind and deserves to pop a squat. However, the moment she started screaming about who is going to be a gentleman and acting like a crazy person you might as well consider my ass super glued on whatever seat I am sitting on. I am a huge grudge guy so Iíd go as far as saying I would ride that train all the way to Timbuktu just to set the tone.

Easy fix: If you see someone who deserves a seat, let them sit. If you donít put in your headphones and pretend that youíre either texting, taking a phone call or sleeping. Whatever you do, donít poke the bear because the bear will come at you with the rage of a thousand suns and that is something you donít want anywhere near you.



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