Power Ranking the Americana LEGO Exhibits in Crossgates Mall

Jack and I took a little stroll around Crossgates last night to check out the ridiculously accurate LEGO replicas of our nation’s most iconic landmarks. Along the way, I tried to teach him that the Statue of Liberty is technically in my home state of New Jersey, we found out Independence Hall is handicap-accessible, and Jack did his best Paul Revere impression.

You’ve probably already caught all that tomfoolery on our Instagram story, so let me power rank the different replicas we came across. We also have the answer from our Instagram story quiz.

9. Supreme Court

This is a huge replica, probably 6-8 feet long, but kind of a boring looking building. There were a lot of “neoclassic” type buildings that blended together for non-history nerds. I would never be able to pick the Supreme Court out of a crowd.

Question: What does the title on the West side of the building say?
Answer: Equal justice under law.

8. Jefferson Memorial

I think I’m just a sucker for tall replica memorials and this one was just too short. Pictures of the actual building in D.C. are pretty sweet cause it’s right on that river, it doesn’t get the same aesthetic boost outside of Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Question: What material is Jefferson’s statue made of?
Answer: Bronze.

7. Old North Church

I hadn’t heard of this place, Jack and Taylor briefly thought it was in Albany, turns out it’s the oldest Church in the birthplace of our revolution, Boston. As if those Mass-holes don’t have enough to brag about already.

Question: What year did Paul Revere make his famous midnight ride?
Answer: 1775

6. Lincoln Memorial

Our man Abe! Or as the ladies know him, “Babe” Lincoln. It’s a good thing he got a legit memorial building because being on the penny is almost insulting. He has one of the neoclassic buildings, but you can actually go in this one.

Question: There was no question
Answer: There was no question.

5. White House

The classic White House, we all know it and love it. While searching for our trivia question, I came across the fact that the White House’s architect was actually Irish and that there is a twin White House in Ireland. I hope the guys who building the LEGO replica are American at least.

Question: Who changed the name from “Executive Mansion” to “White House” in 1901?
Answer: Teddy Roosevelt

4. Independence Hall

This was a very unique, almost like a Brown white house I suppose. And like Jack pointed out, handicap accessible. Also the trivia is mad easy for anyone who attended school ever, or has seen National Treasure.

Question: What monumental document was written here?
Answer: The Declaration ofIndependence

3. Liberty Bell

All that work to recreate the Liberty Bell and they couldn’t even fix the crack? Also this was sneaky the toughest trivia question we asked. But this one ranks high due to the fact they had to suspect a few thousand legos.

Question: How many “n”‘s are in the word Pennsylvania on the Liberty Bell?
Answer: 2

2. Statue of Liberty

This was another head turner. We all know the Statue of Liberty, from the most famous island in all of New Jersey! Very cool LEGO sculpture because of it’s height alone, and not many people know this, but the “book” lady liberty holds is actually a tablet with July 4th, 1776 written in Roman Numerals. I was not about to spend the time figuring out how to type it.

Question: How many spears are on her crown?
Answer: 7

1. The Capitol Building

This thing is MASSIVE. Am I the only one who thought the Capitol Building was the White House until I was 8? This definitely takes the prize as it stops everyone in their tracks as they make their way through Crossgates, and absolute work of art.

Question: How many rooms are in the US Capitol Building?
Answer: 540

And that’s the official power ranking. There were over a dozen total, so head over to Crossgates and see this one of a kind exhibit for yourself before it ends on Feb 24.







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