The Capital Region’s Most Popular Lyft Destination on Valentine’s Day Concerns Me

Here’s some interesting data…Lyft just released the most popular restaurant destinations on Valentine’s Day (2018). I was intrigued so I dove in to see where people like to take their significant others on Vday…I’m thinking 677, Dp’s, maybe even Biergarten would hit the list. But nope. In this shocking revelation, the Capital Region might be lacking in the classy department and it concerns me.

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – Ridesharing service Lyft released the most popular destinations on Valentine’s Day in the Capital Region.

The destinations were based on last year’s top rider destinations.

Top Bars/Restaurants

  1. River Street Pub
  2. Washington Tavern
  3. Palais Royale
  4. The Ruck
  5. The Point

Top Activities:

  1. Upstate NY Concert Hall
  2. Crossgates Mall
  3. Lucky Strike Social
  4. Rivers Casino

River Street Pub.

Jeez Louis. I don’t know how to vouch for the people going to River Street Pub for Valentine’s Day. I guess a bartender in lace is better than no date at all? Are people going to RSP for a date?! Not entirely sure I’d trust the food there, but maybe it hits the spot for some. Note: the bar is currently shut down for trying to cover up a shooting inside their establishment with bleach. Little did we know it was just Cupid this whole time.

Washington Tavern.

This is another choice for the ages. Definitely not a top spot you take your Valentine in my humble opinion. Maybe UAlbany kids are swaying this data. As it would be fiscally irresponsible to take your date anywhere but dollar beers while in college.

Palais Royale.

Never been, so I’m not gonna judge, maybe it is a little love shack…But then again, the way they described the love shack makes it seem like not so great of a place. Can you imagine getting hot n sweaty on a mattress full of glitter? C’mon folks.

The Ruck.

First off, the Ruck has killer wings. Not a bad date spot for those who love good bar food and the potential consequences that come with it. However, there was a hefty chance this data was skewed by 20-something guys looking to pack the bar and make an attempt to break the record of the biggest sausage fest in Troy. And hit on your girl.

The Point.

This is the one place I’d say is worthy of a Valentine’s Day dinner. This joint has enough class to pass as a proper Vday occasion. They even have a few super expensive bottle of liquor held on a shrine above the rest of the bar which probably serves for $100 a shot or something. A good point of conversation to tell your date that you’re thinking about it, before you inevitably back out and stick with the spinach dip…

As for the top activities places: none of those really scream “let’s go spend romantic time together.” Both music venues are good places to go if you want to not talk to each other, and the Casino means your husband has a problem and wants you to be a part of it.

Again, this data is from last year, and we know the 2019 data will be different because, well, River Street Pub is down for the count. But I say that’s a stride in the right direction. Add a couple classy joints to this list, show the gentlemen of the Capital Region know a thing or two about treating their date well. Either that, or classy people just use Uber?

Either way, let John express to you what it’s like to serve on Valentine’s Day, arguably the worst day to be a waiter all year.








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