President’s Day Ice Cream Review With Stewart’s/Our President Gary Dake

Today is a special day folks. We filmed a special edition ice cream review with OUR President, Gary Dake. This relationship has been a long time coming. From the time we bitched about the eggs on their breakfast sandwich and started this thread:

Anyways, our relationship blossomed and today we hosted OUR President Gary Dake both on an episode of 10QD (comin’ next week). While we were at it, I couldn’t resist but to break out a special edition ice cream review, which Gary was game for because that’s what a good President would do. And besides, who can say no to Stert’s ice cream?

I broke all the rules. No soft ice cream. I didn’t let the small stature throw my score for a loop. This is the best ice cream on the planet, and the other ice creams better be thankful this won’t count in the overall rankings.




How do you feel?

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