Ten Questions Deep with Lindsay Rae of The Self Love Experience

This show keeps on getting better and better, and I’m not patting my own back here at all,just saying we are getting some really freakin’ cool guests and telling amazing stories in the process. We’ve also been able to pick up our first official sponsor of Ten Questions Deep, Crossgates Mall in partnership with ZARA, which is a major accomplishment over here in our startup company world. Anyways…

Lindsay Rae of Lindsay Rae Photography (LRP) and the Self Love Experience is someone I’ve had in mind to interview since we came up with the idea for 10QD, and honestly, it just took me a while to ask her on the show because she is hands down one of the coolest, most badass girl bosses here in the Capital Region. I think that’s one of the cool parts of being on my side of the screen, though, is you get to meet your idols and pretend they’re your BFF while you film a segment and ask them tons of random questions.

Lindsay and I might actually be able to be BFFs after this episode, though, as a mutual love for Cardi B and self-proclaimed shopping addictions quickly helped us bond. Lindsay’s outlook on life is bold, fresh, confident and inspiring to anyone watching –not just women. She’s certainly sweet, but doesn’t lack the sass you’d imagine she’d have to have to be teaching her clients how to pose, breathe and be sexy for the camera while she’s behind the lens helping women have their very own Self Love Experience.

Check out the latest episode of Ten Questions Deep below and be on the lookout for more episodes coming to you real soon thanks to Jack, the team at Filmworks 109, Alexandria’s Beauty and Crossgates Mall.

Hair: Alexandria’s Beauty Salon

Outfit: ZARA at Crossgates Mall



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