The Albany Patroons Are Dominating This Season And It’s Time For Albany To Care

The Albany Patroons are currently in first place for the second year in a row, and it’s time for Albany to start caring.

This might be the reason professional sports franchises typically don’t have longevity in the Capital Region. Teams come and go throughout the years almost as if Albany is a connection flight in the larger scheme of things. The most recent team to leave us was the Albany Devils. They took a seven figure loss while operating here so they got out of dodge and moved to a smaller market in Binghamton after being offered $2,000,000 to do so. Let that just sink in for a second. A city with less people paid our hockey team to leave here and come to them. Without hesitation, the Devils jumped all over it.

The only team that has lasted here has been the ValleyCats. You can credit that to a shit ton of promotions, free parking and being affiliated to the Astros. Somehow the ValleyCats have tapped into the local fan support and look as if they are a Capital Region staple, which is amazing.

Other franchises don’t have deep pockets and aren’t lucky enough to play in brand new facilities such as “The Joe.” What the Albany Patroons do have, however, is the “Minor League Mecca.” They play at the Washington Avenue Armory and back in the 80’s, that gym served one of the loudest venues in the nation. That’s due large in part to the fact that it only seats roughly 3,000 fans and back then it was the first taste Albany had of professional sports. This intimate setting was often the venue for games on ESPN and even had A list celebrities courtside such as Mike fuckin Tyson.

Now a days the Armory is basically a shell of itself. You see the banners hanging from back then, but the fanfare just isn’t up to par. The product on the court is worthy to pack the gym, but for some odd reason the city has yet to embrace this team. Well, I’m trying to change that, and I guess I have to do it off the court.

This season, the Patroons are 8-2 and are currently first in then league. They started out 7-0 and are looking to get back to the championship for the second time in as many years. With a roster chalked full of dudes that can play above the rim, this team provides quality entertainment for a fraction of the cost.

Just check out Steven Cunningham’s alley the other night:

Shit like this happens left and right. And look at all those people in the seats enjoying it. Cricket…cricket. I’m telling you that these boys can fly. They will get you out of your seat multiple times and leave adrenaline coursing through your veins. We should all rally around this team because ya never really know what ya got till it’s gone.

Taylor sat down with Coach Rowland to see what it’s gonna take to bring it back.

The next home game is this Saturday for the Patroon when they play host to the Jamestown Jackals. Albany lost their last game to Jamestown and are looking to avenge that loss. If ya decide to go to the game come say hello to me at the calling booth with our misfit 2BD sign hanging on by scotch tape.




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