New Development: Troy Needs a Nightclub

“What Troy needs” has been an ongoing discussion here at Two Buttons Deep ever since the whole debacle about the movie theater and One Monument Square. People were going WILD about all the pros and cons of what a project like that would mean for the city, and ultimately the effort to create an 18-hour downtown and filter more people through our historic little streets was sabotaged and 86’ed all together.

That’s when the smart, intelligent brains of 2BD came together and created our master plan for Troy based on not what we want, but what we so desperately need: a Trader Joe’s with a rooftop bar upstairs. Genius, right? There’s no grocery store in Troy, TJ’s has the perfect hipster vibe while still being affordable and friendly, and of course a rooftop bar is the cherry on top to give everyone that beautiful Hudson River view people were TERRIFIED to lose with a movie theater in place of an empty hole in the ground.

Truly, we all believed this was the best plan of action, until I sat down with Ms. Lindsay Rae, a Florida native who’s called Troy home for the past six years, and oh boy –she had another amazing idea that fits right in with our current campaign.

You hear that? Troy needs a legitimate place to let loose and go dancing. We’ve got an everybody-knows-everybody type of vibe (in a good way) where it’s fun to run into people you know, and like LRP said, a lot of us creative people could get into some serious trouble on the dance floor if there was a place like this downtown where we could show off our moves and go a few too many buttons deep together. We deserve it!

I’m very supportive of this idea because I basically turn everywhere I go into a dance party anyways,and sure, I rarely stay awake past 9PM, but if I got a text from the 2BD squad that we were going out dancing, oh baby, you bet I’d be there.

Can we crowdfund? Can we get all of our favorite creative entrepreneurs together and make this happen? I think we can. Stay tuned. PS: I saw this gif of Anne Hathaway dancing and I think her and I have the same signature moves. Hmmm.



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  1. Mark Romano

    A born pessimist, it will never happen


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