677 Prime Treated Us Like Royalty

One bad thing about being in politics or the media is that you can’t take bribes from anyone, including free lunch. But that’s not the case at Two Buttons Deep, we’re completely game to be swayed for food or free things. When people see the camera or recognize us we often get our food and/or drinks comped and we take full advantage because it’d be fiscally irresponsible not to. ESPECIALLY when that place is 677 Prime.

(Will Waldron/Times Union)

I had been to 677 Prime one time before, during my orientation for a job in Albany which takes all new hires there on their first day to flex the benefits of corporate life. Other than that, it’s just a phenomenon, a bar of excellence set to make other restaurants in Albany seem miniscule. You hear winds and whispers about what happens there and how good the food is, and so we made a joke about it in our latest press conference that only real gentlemen take their dates to 677 Prime on Valentine’s Day.

140,000 views later, 677 Prime reached out to us saying they wanted to “hook us up with gift cards or something” and of course we went the next night. We would have been thrilled to get some gift cards, but we had no idea what we were in for when we arrived. When we walked in, we learned that the owner who reached out to us actually wasn’t there. The hostess called him, looked at us, and hung up the phone. She said “I have specific instructions” and led us to a 4 top. We were greeted by our waiter Mark who said they were gonna hook us up. With the entrees teetering around $50 per, we couldn’t risk ordering big if “hook us up” meant a free drink, or dessert.Considering the fact we were in a 5 star restaurant with an Applebees budget in the bank, we had to be frank and get to the bottom of what it meant before placing any orders beyond water.

Is this what royalty feels like? God damn. Their head chef and all the waiters came out to shake our hands as if we are something. My head was so big I almost knocked over Billy Fuccillo’s lock box on my way out. Shout out to Jamie for the invite and Mark for being the most exceptional waiter this guy has ever had.I left 677 as regal and stuffed as ever before, and I’ll be back as soon as they hook it up again (offer stands for anybody else out there who owns nice restaurants too).






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