Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

Alright, alright. Jack seems to think as of late that there might be some competition at 2BD for who the actual fashion-expert is, so therefore I am now bringing back Fashion Friday to reclaim (JK, just claim) my throne as the official fashionista at this company. When I used to do Fashion Friday posts, I tried to educate the masses on specific trends or outfit ideas for an occasion, but this time I’m doing something a little different that I think you guys are going to like.

The sweet spot at Two Buttons Deep has to do with all things local. We want our readers, viewers and listeners to feel a stronger connection to the 518 when they check out our page. So, even though I have publicly said Upstate NY has a long way to go with its fashion game –and I still stand by that, I’m going to spread some positivity with this series by sharing my thoughts on who is KILLING the fashion game around here.

So, each week I’ll round up some of the best dressed people in the Capital Region and shout them out. I’m going to be modest and start with three people per week because, well, there aren’t that many out there at the moment and we gotta make it last. But, maybe this will inspire others to see if they’ve made my official best dressed list of the week. I’m just going to say on the record I am definitely eligible to make this list, too. Sorry not sorry.

Ready? OK, cool. Welcome to Fashion Friday’s Finest: The Capital Region’s Best Dressers of the Week: Week of February 18.

Samantha Grey (@bohemianbulldog)

Sam is a Saratoga girl through and through, bringing her best style to Broadway and beyond. I love that she’s pulling off the beret trend that a lot of people shy away from out of fear of looking French for the wrong reasons. This oversized teddy bear coat is functional and fashionable for these Upstate winters, and pairing the look with a snakeskin bootie just lets people know the frigid temps ain’t got nothing on us fashionistas. Well done, Sam. Putting the “S” in Saratoga style.

Gary Dake (@garydake)

Make no mistake, Gary looks this good even when he is not pictured next to Jack. JK, Jack, you looked decent on this day, too.

But not as good as #OurPresident here at 2BD, Gary Dake of Stewart’s Shops. As soon as I sat down at the little burgundy booth at Stewart’s to start our Ten Questions Deep interview, I could tell Gary put on one of his best looks to formally meet the 2BD squad. You can’t really tell from the photo, but Gary’s blazer had a wonderful, wintry texture with navy and burgundy tones, brightened up by his ear-to-ear grin and more importantly, a light blue button down shirt where he was very appropriately going two buttons deep. Wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Dake makes this list every week.

Vic Christopher (@vicchristopher)

I’m really happy to see Vic on this week’s list because I think I have only ever seen him in one suit in my entire life. And I have seen Vic wearing a suit like, A LOT of times. He’s a man on the move; I think he just keeps a suit in his car or overnight bag at all times because he never knows when he is going to pop up at an event or some sort of public hearing where he lets the city of Troy know where his head is at. Seeing this guy show up on my Instagram feed in a bow tie and a tux was a pleasant surprise over the black skinny tie we all know him to wear.

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Boxing Night

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Honorable mention: John Charles Longton III (@johnlongtoniii)

It’d be wrong if I didn’t do a little shameless self-promotion here and pat myself on the back for getting John to dress somewhat decent for his evening be treated like a comedy king at 677 Prime after the last Waiter Press Conference. John was my first guest on our new show called $50 Outfit sponsored by Crossgates Mall, and though the pilot episode didn’t go according to plan (that’s a story for another time), I was able to pull through and get John to embrace 2019 with a pair of joggers and a modern crew neck vs. baggy jeans and a Miami Dolphins hoodie from 1999.

I would like to formally congratulate everyone above for making me proud in the world of Capital Region fashion this week. I’m excited to scope out the scene week after week from now on to see who will make the best dressed list next. And hey, you guys better read this and stuff, or else I’ll turn it into the worst dressed real quick.



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