Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

So, turns out you guys DID read last week’s first post of the Capital Region’s best dressed of the week. Just racking up the pageviews over here, no big deal. Seriously –I’m hyped about this, but it’s also apparent to me that if I’m going to keep this segment going, I need some recommendations on who to follow around here that’s posting about fashion on the reg. So, if you have a stylish member in your squad or, if you admire someone from afar with an Insta follow, send their handle my way and I’ll keep my eyes out for who might appear next on the list.

This week we’ve got some real stunners showing off some serious style as we try our best to rid ourselves of the winter blues by going on vacation, or by dressing up right here in the frigid 518.

Jessica Wayde (@jessicawayde)

If you regularly spend time at some of the most hip spots in the 518, you’ve probably seen Jessica a time or two turning heads because this natural beauty is a local who is always dressed in something fabulous. So, it’s no surprise that she knows how to pack a fashionable suitcase filled with the essential LBD that she’s rocking below. I love the neckline and long sleeves on this dress as something a little more conservative to offset the “mini” part of this mini dress. Paired with a sleek, open toe, block heel with an ankle strap, this look is a fire flames emoji featuring essential pieces I’ll bet she can repurpose a few different ways during her travels.

Tim O’Connor (@toconnor8)

I know A LOT of people out there who don’t care what they look like when they go to the gym. And that’s fine, I totally get it. You’re getting your sweat on, dirtying yourself up with some chalk, and simply might not care what others think of you while you’re out there bettering yourself. But everyone already knows, I completely disagree with this logic; not only because I love fashion, but because I think some stylish gym gear can keep you motivated to show up to classday after day (so can a good trainer like Tim, but that’s not what this is about right now).

And likewise, if you’re in the fitness profession, you’ve got to find creative ways to look good and show off some personal style while you’re kicking asses out on the floor. That’s why Tim makes this week’s list, because while he’s coaching, he’s got the type of swag that only comes from rocking a pair of joggers that are as fashionable as they are comfortable. The 3/4 sleeve baseball tee is the perfect complement to a more fitted pant and the two-tone gray brings that little extra touch of, “Yeah, I know what I’m doing here.”

Meaghan Potter (@megpott) and Corey Acker (@its.cacker)

Couples can totally make the best dressed list, even if they’re volunteering their good looks for a quick modeling gig. These two are #goals on a regular basis just crushing life as the cutest blonde couple in the 518, but when you dress them up as bride and groom for the day, the result is inevitably adorable. Corey rocked his own tuxedo, looking perfectly tailored and very much like he could either give an Oscar speech or walk up on stage and accept his pick in the NFL draft, and Meghan is showing off the gorgeous back of this bridal gown that has a modern lace, little off-shoulder flutter sleeve and so much detail I don’t even know what to do with it. Damn, guys.

Honorable mention: My mom (just follow me instead)

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

My mom and I were traveling in California this week and I gotta say, her outfits were pretty on par with the West Coast lifestyle. Most days, she was going for comfort without compromising style, and these platform Birkenstock-esque shoes in a neutral color palette went well with every casual-chic outfit she put on. While in this outfit, her cropped ivory ruffle sweater from ZARA went with a pair of sweatpants-but-not-sweatpants might seem simple from afar, she took a leap and trusted me that hair accessories are in fact back in style, and that little scrunchie took her look up a notch for me to be able to show her some love on this list. Just gotta work on removing the reading glasses from her shirt collar during the next candid pic I take.

Well, there ya have it. Week two in the books. And I’m serious –who can I follow on Instagram or elsewhere to find fashionable “‘fit pics” from the 518? Let me know and stay tuned for more Fashion Fridays coming up, you know, on Fridays.



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