Would You Delete Your Instagram Posts For A Chance To Win Free Flights For A Year?

JetBlue is giving three flyers (and their travel companions) the chance to win unlimited flights for a whole year ? if they delete or archive their Instagram posts….

“Entrants are required to have an Instagram account…” according to the contest rules. “To enter, visit www.jetblue.com/aycj any time during the Sweepstakes Period and upload to the site a photo image taken by you. Using the customization tool on the site, customize the image by completing the ‘All You Can _________’ caption and download the image.

“Then, delete or archive all your Instagram images and upload the customized promotion image to Instagram, tagged with #AllYouCanJetSweepstakes and with the mention @jetblue,” the rules explain.

Contestants have to “keep their Instagram feeds clear” past 11:59 p.m. EST on March 8.

A lot of people probably think this is stupid. Why would a company offer tens of thousands of dollars to tangible product in exchange for some random deleting invaluable digital assets? It doesn’t really make sense, except for the fact that airlines probably have the worst PR of any industry beyond big pharma and politics. What better way to improve your reputation than to get people to delete off their posts complaining about you in the first place? It’s bulletproof. Thousands of people are gonna wipe out their biases for a chance to win free flights, of which they will award 3. I’m sure there are going to be thousands of new accounts created which people will happily dispose of for the sake of the contest, but maybe they’ll be seeking out a minimum follower count to bypass the cheaters.

We could make a reality show around the trauma millennials would endure in the process of deleting their social identity. That would be good content. Would I do this? I certainly would, but I need to know the stipulations first. Are there blackout dates? Will I be in the middle seat? Do I get first class? Can I go anywhere in the world?

I went to the terms and conditions to find out, but there was too much fine print for me to process on a Saturday morning. But it seems like there’s a lot of terms that might make this too good to be true, per usual with corporate sweepstakes. I did read it’s A.O.K to make a new Instagram for this, so when you see an official Capn’ Jack Instagram account pop up, don’t be surprised.




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