Troy Woman Heads to Germany To Heal Her Cancer Through an Integrated Approach

Positive vibes only.

Lydia Anderson, a Troy native rooted in the well known Italian Testa family, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. This news could send any caring mother of 3 to the brink of mental breakdown, but from the story I’ve got, she’s been nothing but calm and focused on HEALING.

By the day I grow to admire her, her courage, and her faith more and more. I am dear friends with her sister Louisa, a tutor and teaching assistant in the school I work at. Louisa constantly keeps me updated on Lydia’s experiences at Infusion Frankfurt, a healing center located on the beautiful countryside of Frankfurt Germany. You are never admitted as a patient here, instead you welcomed as a guest.

This article is not intended to demonize the common approach to treating cancer, but instead it’s meant to highlight encouraging alternative approaches. Far too long have we seen the horrific effects of chemotherapy and radiation, why not try to learn, support, and help spread the word of alternative methods?

I have had many close family members and friends survive and lose the battle to cancer, and the process never gets easier. Cancer has become a looming fear of the masses, a boogeyman that can cripple us with the worst of thoughts when mentioned. To me, Lydia is a pioneer in the world of alternative medicine. She has neglected traditional approaches of both medicine like chemo and mindsets like being a “fighter.” Instead she uses her own, unique and enlightened perspective.

Below are texts from her sister Louisa.

Here in the picture below is Lydia, looking absolutely beautiful and glowing with LIFE.

Once again I am not here demonize most of us who would not consider these methods, instead I am here to speak of the hope a pioneer like Lydia can provide for the capital region.

How can you help? Join me Sunday 3/10 from 3pm-6pm for Lydia’s fundraiser at Revolution Hall to raise money for Lydia and her family while they take time off to endure this treatment abroad.†

As Lydia says, “Thank You Cancer.”

All love, always.



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