BREAKING: RIP To The Rusty Anchor

Why do bad things happen to good restaurant barges?

As anyone around here remembers the horror on the Hudson that occurred this winter, our beloved Rusty Anchor was victim to physics after being dragged down the river after enough ice amassed to move a mountain. While the Captain JP Morgan hit the bridge straight on with a bruise to tell the tale, the Anchor pulled the spin move of the century to avoid total catastrophe. I thought they we were in the clear, I even stated that it avoided being Titanic 2.0…But I spoke too soon.

I was catfished this morning by a 2BD reader who reached out saying they were towing her to get fixed up for her Spring ’19 debut. My heart was warm with the thought of my favorite happy hour spot getting fixed up, and the thought of the spring sunshine. I could almost feel myself drinking mixed concoctions with friends and strangers alike on a sunny Wednesday afternoon. But then I received another message from that reader and it all changed.

Bro, how can you DO that to my heart. I don’t even want Spring to come any more. What’s the use? Where else am I going to get cocktails in the breeze overlooking Troy’s ugly side? We don’t have a rooftop bar yet which is a problem in itself, and now this, it’s too much…RIP to a great one. Troy will miss you, Watervliet lost 90% of its appeal, and this guy lost one of his favorite watering holes. A sad day indeed.




How do you feel?

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