Fashion Friday: The Capital Region’s Best Dressed This Week

Heading into week 3 of the Capital Region’s best dressed of the week and I am feeling pretty g-o-o-d, people. Some nominations are starting to roll in and my feed is becoming more fashionable by the day, I can just tell. But, there’s no doubt about it that a lot of us are becoming a little bit more unfashionable (is that a word?) as the winter weather continues to drag on through the beginning of March, but there’s hope! I saw some awesome outfits this week that deserve some serious attention. And what better place to get attention than on the BREAKING NEWS site, Two Buttons Deep. Yeah, we were credited with breaking the news about the Rusty Anchor (RIP) this week, thanks to Cap’n Jack.

Anyway, let’s go! Here’s this week’s Fashion Friday for ya, coming in hot AF, despite the cold.

Daquetta Jones (@daquueen)

Ms. Jones was just honored with the Capital Region Chamber Woman of Excellence award, and now she’s on the 2BD best dressed list. I mean, we should get some sort of 518 EGOT honor going and she would be earning it immediately. These pictures from her photo shoot for her recent recognition are absolute fire! I am in love with this deep evergreen dress paired with a mega pop of color in her hot pink statement necklace and strappy pumps. The side tie on the dress is super flattering, creates a little texture and detail in a dress you can style so many different ways.

If you want to be a girl boss, you have to dress like a girl boss, so take notes, ladies. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be dressing like this for our weekly Target runs just to feel a little bit more powerful on the reg. Daquetta is a role model in the community and in the world of fashion, and that’s just about as good as it gets.

Erin Muller (@erinmullermakeup)

Erin is a bombshell beauty every day of the week, and while she spends most of her time on social media posting about the glamorous looks she creates for other gorgeous gals in the 518, every once and a while we get to check out her own personal style. And this week, she had a happy hour look that made me immediately wish it was 85 degrees and sunny; it also makes me wish I was a makeup artist or better yet, HAD a makeup artist like Erin on deck at all times to make me look that fabulous.

Her top has a super interesting sleeve length –it’s like a three-quarter sleeve, but also a bell sleeve, which maybe I’m getting too technical for most of you fashionistas in training, but all you need to know is that it’s super fun and hip. I love the color combo here mixing up some brighter yellows and pinks with a more muted black and orange stripe to go with it. I’ve been hinting that neon colors are in this year, and this shirt is the perfect way to introduce a new trend (and plus, the pattern is excellent in case you go a few too many buttons deep and spill a sip of your cocktail by accident).

Lindsay Rae (@lindsayraephotography)

It seems to be a common theme that my Ten Questions Deep guests will also reappear on the best dressed list at some point in time. I mean I’ve had a pretty incredible 10QD lineup, from Mr. dp himself, Dominick Purnomo, to Miss LRP right here and of course, Gary Dake who made week one’s list (I’m saving Dominick for a slow fashion week since we can count on him to be dapper AF at all times).

Lindsay is perfect, literally, because she’s always on her #OOTD game and honestly, you gotta be posting your outfits on a regular basis for me to snag you for this series. I need current pics of people to prove they are always rocking cool clothes, not just when they have a photo-opp. or event to go to. Lindsay’s look this week features on of the OG animal prints, paired with a super sassy earring and my favorite winter combo of tights and boots. The other thing I love about this chick is that she, like me, puts fashion first. So, if she’s mid-photo shoot, she’s not dressing down just so she can easily move around to get the best angles. She’s moving around in her fabulous heels and badass outfit because fashion first, baby. She gets it.

Honorable mention: Chris Famelette (@knoliman)

Chris is most often found behind the camera for Filmworks 109, but today I couldn’t help but to capture his look as he filmed a new bit for me this morning at Crossgates Mall. Maybe it’s because he just got back from crashing crazy fashion shows in Paris during fashion week, or maybe he’s just hanging around me too much, but I thought his outfit today was certainly deserving of a little shout out.

This dude was DECKED OUT in corduroy (arguably the hardest word to spell, ever) –from the hat to the pants and even the shoes, I think. You can’t really tell in the photo, but his flat brim Stussy skater-esque hat is a super cool magenta color that offset the dark shades in the middle part of the outfit. He’s cuffing his jeans too, which A) is great when you’re a little more…petite like us…and also it’s just kind of a silent style move I always admire. You know just by looking at him that Chris is a guy that goes for comfort because he is always on the go and usually breaking the rules somewhere, AKA he’s gotta be agile and ready to do anything at a moment’s notice and this outfit is not in the way of him livin’ that life.

You like what you see, or better yet, you know a fashionable 518-er who deserves recognition on this list? Send me a message and let me know who you think should be featured as one of the Capital Region’s best dressers.



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