Get 20% Your In-Store Purchase at Athleta This Weekend Thanks to Two Buttons Deep

Two Buttons Deep is about to do some cool stuff with our new friends at Athleta in Crossgates Mall, which if you’re a fellow member of the 518 who’s #metaddicted or just someone works out on a regular basis, and you also happen to be a woman, this store is going to be your jam. Sorry, Marko.

And when I say Two Buttons Deep, I really mean me,†because, well, I’m making strides at becoming the official most fashionable person on our squad, and also because Athleta is all about the women these days, as they should be. So, just going to pat my own back real quick (with the help of Chris from Filmworks 109) for bringing Two Buttons Deep and Athleta together, and now for bringing Athleta to the fashionable, fit lady fans of 2BD.

So, what’s the deal? From March 8-11, you can register online, stop in our local Athleta shop and get 20 PERCENT OFF your in-store purchase off new arrivals and a bunch of other awesome workout and athleisure gear on display.

They’re calling it the, “Two Buttons Deep Shopping Party,” but of course that is not self-explanatory to my fellow squad members who have probably never heard of this store before and have definitely never done anything close to what I’d call real “shopping” in their lives.


Clearly Jack and John did not share my excitement, which is why I’m blogging about it now to make sure all of the interested ladies out there can register online and shop this sweet discount in store all weekend long. As for the only girl at 2BD, I’ll be taking advantage of this for sure as I know for a fact that a great workout outfit is the key to a successful workout. Don’t listen to anyone else about vitamins or pre-workout or stretching or whatever, honestly, it’s all in the outfit.

So, register online and head to the mall this weekend. It’s cold AF out, 20 percent is a good sale (I’ve previously said on the record in NAMB that if it’s 10 percent or less you can GTFO), and Athleta is going to make sure you’re rolling up to the gym (or a brunch sesh where you wanted to make everyone think you just came from hot yoga beforehand) in style.



How do you feel?

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