Fact: The Next American Idol Hails from Cohoes, NY

So, the past few weeks while at work, I’ve heard the same radio advertisement for American Idol come on over and over again. There’s an audio preview of one particular audition where some girl sings a FIRE rendition of Dan + Shay’s hit song, “Speechless.” Then it says blah blah watch American Idol blah blah and I didn’t really think much about it, besides that the middle part of the ad featured a damn good contestant.

And then, when I saw her full audition video that seems to have gone completely viral overnight, I realized that this voice of an angel is like, totally going to be the winner of the entire show. Her name is Madison Vandenburg and guess what, people? She’s from Cohoes, NY and she is a STAR.

The judges were so blown away, goosebumps and a standing ovation ensued for this young lady who is just 16 years old, she can’t even legally drive past 9PM yet. I’ve watched this video like a dozen times and I have come to the conclusion that they should just cancel the entire season and let her win right now. She deserves it.

It’s SO cool to see someone with this much talent in general, but to find out Madison is from the Capital Region makes me feel personally responsible for not discovering her sooner and pushing her into the spotlight. Yeah, it’s incredibly hard to make it in the music industry or in show biz, but it’s pretty obvious this girl is just getting started and someone is going to take her to the next level ASAP.

We hope to find some time here on 2BD (or let me reverse that and say we hope she makes some time for us), and see what Miss Madison is all about. Stay tuned. Also, watch this other video of her that I have ALSO listened to a dozen times:



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