Soft Serve Review Jericho Drive-In

We’re back at it folks. In pursuit of the best soft serve ice cream in Upstate NY. Why? Because single sole around here praises their local joint to be the best, so I’m doing my civic duty and testing them all to come up with one definitive winner based on three crucial categories of criteria: size, durability and taste. It’s a bulletproof formula which has served me justice through dozens of reviews in 2018, and will continue to do so through 2019, 2020 and however many more years it takes me to lick them all.

This year kicks off at Jericho Drive-In. It was my first time every going which was obvious since I didn’t know what town it was in. Jericho isn’t a town, it’s a street. I’ll Google it next time.

And if you’re wondering who’s in the lead cause you’re too lazy to watch. You’re welcome.




  1. Dave

    Scoups on Albany Shaker Rd. in Colonie

  2. DeeN

    Kurver Kreme ftw


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